A Fall Wedding Idea You’ll Fall For!

Personally, I love the fall and the thought of creating a fall wedding idea for you is pretty excitin, especially in the northeastern U.S. Warm during the day, cool at night. The changing of the leaves. The fact it gets dark at 6 PM instead of 8:30… okay, we’ll scratch out the last part. But everyone loves fall. Well, they should love it anyway. And what’s better than a fall wedding? It isn’t 110 degrees; your Uncle Jack sure loves those summer wedding as he sweats through his second shirt. There’s also no blizzard! Your out of town friends and family will appreciate that(of course here at CouplesOnCakes we love all seasons, but we’re trying to talk up fall here, so stay with us!)

Fall Wedding Ideas and Suggestions

Where am I going with this? Well of course for fall wedding ideas! You’re going to need fall wedding accessories! Yeah I know, 2+2 = 4. Well we have some splendid wedding accessories here and for starters, why don’t you check out the splendid autumn wedding accessory set!

Fall Leaf Autumn Wedding Reception Set

Fall Leaf Autumn Wedding Reception Set

Seamless transition, wasn’t it?

It’s as if I wrote it myself. This set contains everything you’ll need for your fantastic reception: guest book, pen set, serving set, and the toasting flutes for the bride & groom. All in pretty fall colors.

And when everyone is indulging on all the wonderful dishes you planned, how are they going to wipe their faces? With personalized fall napkins of course!

Autumn Themed Wedding Napkins

Autumn Themed Wedding Napkins


Personalized just for your big day, you’ll have to buy at least 100 of them, but you’ll love them so much you may want to save them for dinner at home!

Last but not least, are favors favors favors. So important I had to write them 3 times. Favors. Ah what’s one more. We have a plethora of them to suit whatever you want to give your guests: may we recommend favor boxes?

Autumn Elegance Wedding Favor DIY Boxes

Autumn Elegance Wedding Favor DIY Boxes


Perfect for chocolate, candy, or another small favor, this is one fall wedding idea you can use even with other seasons! Sure there’s a little assembly required, but we promise it won’t take long!


At, we do our very best to pare down the steps required in your wedding planning. Visit us today!

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