Rock Your Wedding Details On a Small Budget

You don’t have to end up in debt to have a meaningful and beautiful wedding day.

Just Married License Plate

Just Married License Plate

While luxe weddings are expensive and might be beyond your budget, there’s a way for you to save on cost without looking cheap. The trick to pulling off a low-budget wedding with a big-budget feel is in careful planning, right down to the tiniest details.

What Are Wedding Details?

Wedding details are working parts of your wedding that needs to be pulled together to achieve your wedding of choice. From announcing your wedding day right up to your honeymoon, details of your wedding covers everything you need: invitations, reception, officiating person, guest list, flower baskets, ring pillows, wedding cake, and everything else you can think of.

Identify The Essential Details of Wedding Planning

If you cut right down to it, what’s essential to your wedding day is you, your partner and the person who’ll officiate your wedding. All the rest are incidental but you’ll forever have disgruntled relatives to deal with if they’re not invited to your wedding. That said, you can now focus on where you can scrimp and save, and where you have to spend money on.

With careful and advanced planning, you can have the effect of a big-budget wedding without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

Important Wedding Details You Can’t Do Without

Your Budget

Come up with a specific amount you and your partner are comfortable spending and prepare an extra 10-15% of the amount for contingencies. Know where your budget expenditure will go towards.

Your Guest List

Here’s where you can save a lot on. Is it really important to invite that office-mate on the third floor? Slash your guest list down to people who are near and dear to you both.

Your Wedding Gown

Many practical brides today opt to have transformer gowns, one that you wear from ceremony to reception. You can also opt to rent a gown, or redo a vintage piece from your Mom. Ebay is also a great place for scoring designer wedding gowns at low prices. Play it up with carefully chosen hair accessories, a pair of elegant wedding shoes, and a cheeky garter.

Your Wedding Invitations

Your invitation is the herald of your upcoming nuptials. It should reflect both of your personalities in color, design and font. Printed invitations are no less inviting traditional ones, like this invitation below which is easily customized to your specs.

Customizable Wedding Invitation

Customizable Wedding Invitation

Your Reception

Don’t be shocked at the prices vendors will quote to you. Negotiate for a better offer. You can work out a better deal by quoting your budget and asking what they can do for you on that amount. You can choose wedding dates on days that are not too busy. Note that a dinner reception costs much more than a luncheon.

Your Wedding Cake

Spy Cake Topper

Spy Cake Topper

It doesn’t make much sense to pay a big amount of money for a five-tier tasteless cake nobody eats. Instead, opt to have your favorite cake done and decorated tastefully according to your theme. Make it very personal by choosing your own hand-painted cake-topper which you can order online.

Your Official Wedding Photographer

Years from now, you’ll be sharing wedding memories with your children and the best way to capture those candid and formal poses is to hire a good but upcoming wedding photographer.

They charge much less and work twice as hard to give you beautiful pictures. Don’t forget to ask your guests to put away their camera phones during the ceremony.

Other Small But Essential Details For Your Wedding Day

Music and Entertainment

You don’t have to hire professional entertainers to serenade guests. If you have an iPod, load up selected music for every playlist designed for each portion of the ceremony and reception. Ask a good friend to act as MC and carefully go through the program with her prior to the big day.

Guest Book, Signs, Holders, Cards and Other Wedding Accessories

From flower girl baskets, wedding tags, to bouquet rings, order these essentials online. There’s a wide range of choices that go right with your theme. From whimsical to witty, there’s one that suits your budget like this elegant guest book:

Guest Book

Floral Fantasy Heart Shaped Guest Book


 Children’s Activity Sets

Because there will be nieces and nephews all around, and children do get tired and cranky during long ceremonies and receptions. Keep your young guests occupied and happy so older guests can focus and enjoy your wedding day.

Thank You Notes

Failing to give thank you notes after the wedding is a faux-pas you don’t want to commit. Thoughtfully written thank you notes makes your guests feel appreciated and loved. It also says a lot about you.

You Either Skip or Include These Details

Wedding Favors

If you have extra left on your budget after all the major essentials are taken care of, a wedding favor is a nice touch to give your guests. You can also opt to skip this tradition and it will be alright.

Expensive Blooms

Flowers and decor can eat a big chunk out of your budget. Ask your wedding florist to strategically place impressive blooms and add greenery to areas that doesn’t need to be focused on. Use in-season blooms to cut costs or order a customizable wedding bouquet like the one below:

Chic and Shabby Bouquet

Chic and Shabby Bouquet


Wedding Planner

If you have a strong, do-it-yourself streak you can do away without a wedding planner.

Wedding Videographer

While it is nice to view the ceremony right away, how many times would you really watch your wedding video? A collection of photographs is more personal and precious.

On your wedding day, all your family and friends want to feel is that they’re well taken care of and loved, and it is all in the small and essential details you’ve thoughtfully provided.

The best way to make it easy for you to complete your wedding details within budget is to go online and browse through our carefully picked selections from personalized cake-toppers to matching place holders which you can customize to fit your wedding theme. Our helpful staff is ready to assist you as you plan for your wedding day.

For your essential wedding details, visit today!


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