Create Custom Wedding Favors Guests Won’t Toss Away

Reality check: Cheap and tacky favors at weddings are either left behind, or the first thing guests toss in the bin when they get home. So why even bother giving away favors? The truth is, favors are a wonderful statement at your wedding, even the cheap ones, if you know how to do it right.

The "Love Dove" Chrome Bottle Opener

The “Love Dove” Chrome Bottle Opener

Make your wedding favors an instant hit by giving away unique pieces or creating indispensable custom wedding favors which guests would loathe to leave behind or throw away.

Here are ideas for unique custom wedding favors and how you can personalise them.

Choose food or beverage

For small and intimate wedding settings, home-made favors are especially endearing because guests know how much work has gone into them. Some favorite edible ideas are:

Food Kits like this heart-melting S’more kit are truly delightful.

Custome wedding favors

Easy-To-Assemble S’mores Kit

These packets are easy to assemble with readily available materials. Pull it together with an elegant bow along with a customized printed tag and they’re good to go!

Sweet treats in reusable mason jars such as cookies, cupcakes, and specially mixed chocolates are always a welcome treat. Order glass mason jars in advance and personalise with printed wedding favor stickers of your choice.

Glass Mason Jars

Glass Mason Jars

Pressed for time? This Meant to Bee personalised clover honey is a sweet reminder why love is meant to shared with loved ones.

Meant to Bee Personalized Clover Honey

Meant to Bee Personailized Clover Honey

Choose practical favors for weddings that double as place card holders

Hit two birds with one stone and save on wedding costs. Lovely and evocative favors such as the ones below are perfect for holding name cards and works as favors too!

Elegant White Silk Fan

Elegant White Silk Fan

Inexpensive custom wedding favors

Rustic Romance Faux Wood Heart place Crad Holder/Photo Frame

 Go Green with eco-friendly wedding favors!

Unless it’s winter, hardy perennial plants in cute tins or sunny pots like the one below is a breath of fresh air. Make it yours by adding your favorite love quote on labels or stickers.

custom wedding favors fresh idea

Mini Garden Flower Pots

Specially milled organic soaps in brushed silver tone tins spell quiet luxury. You can get soaps from many artisanal sites such as Etsy. Bring your DIY self to the forefront and add labels  on the lid or at the side.

Opt for perfectly themed custom wedding favors

Choose a themed favor that reflects your interests as a couple and complements your wedding theme. The worst thing to do is pick a random favor just so you have a token to give your guests.

When in doubt, go for simple but customizable wedding favor pieces that spell Luxury and Elegance

People love looking at and touching beautiful things, and nothing could be more eye catching than these well-crafted and timeless favors with practical uses. Murano glass is well known for its excellent craftsmanship not just in Italy but all over the world.

Murano Glass Collection Compact Mirror

Murano Glass Collection Compact Mirror

Did you know that beeswax are so expensive in medieval times that only the nobility can afford them? Your guests will definitely think of you everytime they light up this pure beeswax candle.

Custom wedding favors online Beeswax Candles

Natural Selections Collection Pure Beeswax Candles

Wedding guests can tell right off the bat if you’ve ordered your wedding favors from a wholesale manufacturer. The only thing that makes low-budget favors for  weddings a keeper is the love and effort you put into making it a personal statement of how much you value the presence of your family and friends.

The beauty of shopping online for favors is that you have unlimited options to choose from. Whether it’s a Fall wedding, a beach themed wedding or a religious wedding, there’s always an option open for you. And the best thing about it? You’ll be able to plan your wedding within your budget.

At,we don’t just sell you favors and send you on your way. Our helpful staff is ready to help you come up with unique ideas and put together a DIY customized wedding favor your guests won’t throw away, all at a fraction of the cost that you expect.


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