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Small weddings for small budgets

Intimate Wedding Setting


Small, intimate weddings are becoming the in thing to do even in Hollywood. Think: Leighton Meester and Adam Brody, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. Even billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s backyard nuptial to Priscilla Chan was low-key. Here’s why small weddings are bucking the big wedding trends:

Lavish wedding ceremonies and receptions translates to big spending. Wedding costs such as venue, food, drinks, and other wedding details will be dictated by the number of people on the guest list. If cost is a deciding factor in your wedding planning decisions, then scaling back might be a good choice.

Below is a list of pros and cons of having a small wedding to help you decide.

Pros in holding small weddings:

Small wedding details, Small wedding expenses. (And easier to organize!)

If you’re a young, practical couple just starting out, a small ceremony with close friends and relatives will save you a great deal of money which you can put to better use, like a down payment for a new house, or a dream honeymoon destination.

It’s also guaranteed to be easier to pull off and less energy-consuming. Why, you can practically assemble all your wedding details in a week if you know how!

It will be more meaningful, and fun!

Having 300 guests to attend to strips away the comfortable and close intimacy that a small gathering gives. Post- ceremony, you and your partner will feel more like hosts, with stress levels shooting off the roof. How many brides have you heard say, “I can’t wait for the reception to be over!”

The upside with having a 2 digit guest list is you can take care of everyone and connect with them individually. You can be yourself and savor the occasion. You’ll actually feel enveloped in good cheer and well wishes because most, if not all of your guests, have a vested interest in the success of your marriage.

Want your dream wedding? Go for it!

Perfect cake toppers for small weddings

Mix n’ Match Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

With a scaled down guest list, there’s no need to spend thousands for the reception plus, you can still have the dream wedding you’ve envisioned since forever. Spend your wedding budget on wedding details close to your heart like a scrumptious wedding cake with a cake topper that describes you both perfectly. Splurge on that designer wedding dress, get your favorite band to play for you, choose an amazing venue with gourmet food, and jet off to an exotic honeymoon.

With fewer guests, you can afford to personalise wedding favors they’d love. Who says you can’t have your wedding cake and eat it too! You can even have your cake topper personalised here.

Cons of throwing a small wedding:

A drawback for intimate nuptials is that some family members, friends, and co-workers will take it against you if they weren’t invited. Deal with feedback in a tactful way to smooth and pacify friends and relatives alike. You can also throw a post-wedding cocktail party after your honeymoon for everyone else, if budget permits.

Some couples do regret having a small wedding for these reasons: the absence of a father/daughter dance (or mother/son dance), the first dance as a couple, no grand multi-tiered wedding cake, the lack of fancy dresses and the coterie of bridesmaids, groomsmen and flower girls, elaborate wedding gowns, big reception, and coordinating details.

If you want a big wedding with all the works, why not? At the end of the day, it will be all about you and what you want, although small weddings do have a huge advantage in terms of budget, scale, doability, and intimacy.

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