5 Low-Budget Wedding Ideas,Tips and Tricks

Lavish wedding productions can set you back anywhere from $20,000 upwards. It’s a substantial amount, right? But what if we tell you, you can pull off your wedding on a $5,000 budget or lower? If blowing a fortune on an expensive bash just to please everyone isn’t your thing, then these five low-budget wedding ideas will set you on the right track in having a wedding you want at a cost you’ll love.

wedding ideas customized wedding cake toppers

Showered With Love Customized Cake Topper

Go the KISS route: Keep It Small and Simple.

Take a moment to sit and seriously scale down your guest list. Plan your wedding and the probable wedding expenses around the budget you’re comfortable spending and stick to it. Afraid to scale down on cost and miss all the works of a traditional wedding? Here’s a low-down on small weddings and why couples prefer them over big wedding productions today.

Coral everything in one place!

Choose a wedding venue that’s naturally scenic and can do double-duty as venue from wedding ceremony to wedding reception. You save a lot on decorations and transportation rentals.

Opt to have a morning wedding and serve brunch instead of lunch. The later it is in the day, the more expensive it gets. When all else fails, even a backyard wedding reception can turn magical with well-placed lighting and tasteful decorations. Ask family and friends to pitch in!

Something borrowed, pre-loved, or a family heirloom works.

Bridesmaids and parents of the flower girls usually foot their expenses when it comes to dresses. While this saves you on cost, it would be nice if you have bridesmaids wear a dress of their own choosing that matches your theme. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on a dress they can only wear once.

Bridesmaid dress idea:  From Madabby’s Etsy shop, an Elegeant criss-Cross Short Dress in beige with pink slip

wedding ideas Bridesmaids dresses

Bridesmaids dresses

The same holds true for a wedding dress and the groom’s attire. Consider outfits that can be worn again to formal occasions. Choose classic silhouettes in neutral tones. Alternatively, pick designer wedding gowns or a tux post-season for extreme mark downs. Scour eBay for a pre-loved Vera Wang or Monique Lhuillier original without the original price tag.

For a day wedding, you don’t need to drip in jewels to look stunning. Many brides prefer low-key accessories, or accessorize with heirloom pieces handed down to them. Likewise, a light hand with make-up holds a great deal of appeal, so you can ditch the services of pricey make-up artists.

simple wedding ideas  Laid back Elegent Bride's Tiara

Garden Tiara & Ivory Pearls in Antique gold

 The best things in life are free!

In lieu of wedding presents, why not ask guests to bring food? Now this can be a bit tricky and applies to guests you can really count on to deliver. Draw up a wedding menu and divvy up dishes among family and close friends. Or, have a core menu and leave the dessert options open for guests to give as their wedding gifts.

Flared Shot Glasses

Flared Shot Glasses

Got a friend who dabbles in photography? Sign him up as your official wedding photographer! How about that friend who’s a whiz at flower arrangement?  Get her to coordinate with a cousin who’s got an excellent eye for decorating! Ask for help,  you just might be surprised at how quickly things progress.

Bring out your inner DIY goddess.

Some of the most memorable weddings are small scale. What sets them apart are the details and the work that go into them. A themed wedding is not impossible on a budget. From your invitation, wedding ceremony accessories like: aisle runners, flower baskets, ring pillow, to wedding reception details such as: cake-toppers, place holders, wedding favors, and toasting glasses, get customizing for that truly unique effect!

Customizable Bride and Groom Wraps

Customizable Bride and Groom Wraps

Why not enlist your bridesmaids for a fun night of crafting invitations, wedding favors, napkin rings, flower baskets, and place card holders? Set a date weeks before your wedding. Make sure you have all the supplies you need. The best way to do this is go online and order DIY supplies from a reputable supplier.

Don’t get buried in debt with wedding expenses. Look into suppliers who can customize your wedding details and can work with the budget you have.

CouplesOnCakes believe that the best weddings are meaningful, personal, and stress free! We do our very best to help you make your big day a dream come true without breaking the bank. Visit us here  right now, and let our staff assist you with all your wedding needs.











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