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How To Choose Your Wedding Venue: Do It Right

timeless wedding venue

Quiet elegance, a timeless wedding venue

One of the worst mistakes in wedding planning is signing a contract on the first aesthetically pleasing but expensive wedding venue that catches your eyes. While choice wedding reception venues do need to be booked in advance, there’s no need for a romantic setting or a spectacular view get the best of you.

While wedding venue hunting is a promising and exciting time, curbing your enthusiasm just a tiny bit allows you to choose your wedding venue the right way.

Here’s how to choose a wedding venue that’s a perfect fit for your wedding:

Avoid common mistakes with a good dose of common sense.

The right wedding venue is crucial to wedding planning. Details such as food, drinks, décor, color scheme, music, lighting, seating arrangements, wedding favors, and entertainment all follow suit after you picked a venue for your wedding reception.

aisle runner wedding venue for ceremony

Wedding ceremony venue aisle runner

Failing to take practical matters into consideration such as logistics, season, time of day, budget, guest size, and customer reviews is a common mistake many excited couples make but which can be avoided. Take a look at this handy infographic  for a complete run-down of wedding details that needs attention.

Know what your wedding planning needs are.

Place card holder for wedding venue seating arrangment

“LOVE” Place Card and Photo Holder with Matching Place Cards

Details are everything when planning a wedding. Consider the following when shortlisting venues for your wedding ceremony and/ or reception:

Big  wedding bash, or a small and intimate wedding? Setting a budget early on helps to anchor every other decision such as the number of guests, and the seating capacity of the venue. It also eliminates the hassle of checking out venues that don’t qualify. Is it too expensive, too small, too big, or out of the way?

Garden wedding, beach wedding, or an indoor wedding? Season’s are everything to vendors and prices rise and fall with it. When is your wedding date? Rates are lower during off-peak seasons.

What’s your wedding style? Will it be a Victorian inspired wedding, a traditional wedding, or a religious wedding? You’d want a venue that’s a perfect backdrop to your wedding theme and accessories, and not one that clashes, like a wet field of grass in spring for a dainty setting more fitting in an enclosed space.

Where are your guests coming from and do they need a place to stay? Some of your guests might be flying in. Having a venue that can host them or a venue with a hotel near it is an excellent choice.

Do you really need separate venues for the ceremony and reception? You’ll pay double the cost in terms of decoration and transportation. But if you like a solemn and intimate ceremony and a fun reception afterwards, why not? Ideally, keep ceremony and reception venues within a 20 minute drive of each other.

Wedding ceremony and wedding reception venue options:

Religious ceremonies  are usually held at places of worship with a separate location for the wedding reception. If you wish to have everything in one place, consider who’ll officiate your wedding, and if it’s possible to hold the ceremony at your desired location.

Religious Wedding Ceremony

Religious Wedding Ceremony


Wedding ceremony venue

Museum Wedding Reception Venue

Hotels and other traditional venues for wedding receptions abound. They’re  experts in holding weddings and have a retinue of vendors to meet your needs. If you want a non-traditional wedding, consider having your reception at a restaurant, an art gallery, a historical place, or a secluded beach.

You can have an exotic wedding destination in Puerto Rico with the vibrantly lush tropical rainforest as your setting, or an inexpensive wedding reception held right in your backyard. The choices are actually diverse and are only limited by your budget and preferences.


 Do these 5 critical things before you ink that contract, venue –wise:

Glass Dip Pen Writing Set

Glass Dip Pen Writing Set

1. Bring your partner for venue visits and take his or her opinion into account. She might not like what you love or vise-versa. You might think his choice of venue is impractical. While you may clash in opinions, what matters is making key decisions together and coming up with a compromise.

2. Draw up a list of everything you need to know, from pricing, seating capacity, to post-party clean-up and ask away. Don’t forget to go over the site and walk along routes your guests would take, take a peek at the venue facilities if they’re up to par

3. Visit only 2-3 venues at a time to really get the feel of the place and have all your concerns answered with minimal stress on you. Stress tends to eat at willpower and you might find yourself saying “Yes!” to the better looking venue because of decision exhaustion.

4. Get a feel for the setting of your choice. Visit the place while an event is ongoing, at around the same time of day your reception is scheduled

5. If you’ve set your heart on a particular venue but it’s unavailable, have a second option ready or be flexible with your wedding date.

 Make a list of questions to ask from your vendor:

To start you off, here is a list of questions to ask an on-site coordinator or catering manager when visiting places for a wedding reception.

1. What are your wedding packages and what’s included in them.
2. How many hours will the venue be available and are there other weddings before and after yours?
3. Is there a minimum amount required for food and drinks?
4. Will they have an on-site coordinator on your wedding day who will coordinate with your wedding planner?

Add other questions you might have to this list, print it out, and keep it with you as a guide during  site visits.

To sum it up:

Set a budget for your wedding. Discuss wedding details especially the location of your reception with your partner and prepare to compromise. Create a set of parameters and eliminate venues that don’t meet your criteria. Do your homework, do the legwork, and arm yourself with a list. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and be prepared to negotiate the best deal possible.

When choosing a venue, take each others opinions and input into consideration. Remember that the right venue is not just about the scenery or the ambiance, or how well your wedding photos will look. It’s all about meeting your wedding day needs and those of your guests.

The right venue will ensure that all your requests are met, will help you achieve the personalization level you want and do their best to ensure a smooth transition between programs and courses.

CouplesOnCakes  understands how daunting choosing the right wedding ceremony and reception venues are. That’s why we do our very best to provide you with accessible, customizable, yet inexpensive wedding accessories to make wedding planning less stressful. Our considerate and thoughtful staff is always online should you need assistance. Contact us today!




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