Wedding Inspiration: Wedding Cake Ideas For Small Weddings

No-cake weddings are trending but if you’ve absolutely  set your heart on a wedding cake for the big day, go ahead and have one crafted your way! It’s true that cakes for weddings can get expensive but with a small wedding guest list, you can still have your cake and eat it too!

inexpensive wedding cake idea: single layers

Small, tiered wedding cake dramatically enhanced with white blooms.

Forget about seven-tiered, over-the-top cakes that do nothing except serve as a centerpieces. Order a cake that’s pretty to look at and one which guests can actually eat.

Wedding cake ideas for small weddings to choose from:

Flower wedding cakes

Flower cakes offer a bright splash of color and are quite versatile decorations-wise. Bakers and pastry chefs may or may not use fresh flowers like orchids, roses, tulips, and other seasonal favorites. If you like this style, ask if the fresh flowers are food-safe or not. You may also request for piped buttercream flowers or use crystallized flowers instead.

Dramatic wedding cake idea

Flower Wedding Cake In Dramatic Contrasting Colors

simple wedding cake idea perfect for a garden wedding

Sweetly Simple! Two -toned wedding cake with rose petals


You don’t need a whole slew of cascading flowers over the sides of a five-tier wedding cake when you can go for drama with colors and flowers!

Themed wedding cakes

Themed cakes are perfect for showing off the funny, smart, goofy side of you or it can highlight your interests as a couple. From fairy tales, anime, sci-fi, sports, to favorite TV series, these cakes are simply evocative. A cake-topper to reflect your personalities as a couple completes the picture. See below for inspiration!

Inexpensive yet fun wedding cake topper

Turns out he’s a handsome prince after all!
Princess Bride Kissing Frog Prince Wedding Cake Topper


Traditional wedding cakes

If you like the look of the white-on-white traditional wedding cake elements, go for cakes with piped latticework, scroll work, appliques, cut outs or eyelets, which are wrapped in gross grain or silk ribbons. Frosting is usually done using mixed elements like fondant, heavy buttercream, sugar flowers, chocolate and other cake decorations.

Traditional wedding cake idea

Elegant white-on-white traditional wedding cake with rose accent.


fairy tale wedding cake idea cake toppers

Porcelain Cinderella Pumpkin Coach On A Traditional Wedding Cake


Traditional cakes are usually three-tiered or more but you can scale down the size without sacrificing design elements. Simply specify your preferences to an excellent baker.

Wedding Cake ideas Fresh Ideas

A New take On The Silhoette Motif: Wedding Cake ideas

Modern wedding cakes

Fearlessly fun and unconventional  in style, flavor and design –  modern cakes are a big favorite with the younger set.  Cake designs range from structured, dramatic, to whimsical. Cake’s are either filled or have different, multi-colored layers. Even with a small wedding reception, this modern take on the classic wedding cake is a must-have.

Ombre Ruffled Wqedding Cake in Peach

Ombre Ruffled Wedding Cake in Peach

TIP: Prices vary in terms of design complexity, materials used, ingredients, and the time it takes to prepare.

Inexpensive wedding cake options to explore:

Have a small wedding cake as a centerpiece  and add a sheet cake for guests to enjoy like the one below.

Single sheet cake and miniature wedding cakes

Single sheet cake and miniature wedding cakes


Have miniature cakes at each table for guests to share.

Mini wedding cakes

Yummy Mini Wedding Cakes!

Make your own wedding cake and personalize it with statement cake toppers!

Make sure your serving sets compliment your cake!

Months prior to your wedding date, scout ahead for easily accessible bakeshops and confectioneries in your area. Some bakers put a limit on how many cakes they create a month, so consider placing your order months in advance.

Visit shops that look promising and talk with the shop owner. Remember that what’s beyond the pretty frosting on any wedding cake counts. Do a cake taste test with your partner and settle on a cake flavor. Go over the personalization of your wedding cake from color, flavor, frosting, and design to cake toppers. Many shop owners are only too happy to help you come up with the right cake.

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