The Wedding Dress: Custom Couture or Off-The-Rack.

Martin Katz Jewelers together with renowned bridal couture designer Renee Strauss, once created a jaw-dropping wedding dress for $12 Million. It featured 150 carats worth of diamonds laced throughout the gown. While this out of the world sum is a ridiculous amount to pay for a dress you wear only once, it aptly symbolizes the drama and the lengths brides-to-be are willing to endure in the hunt for the perfect wedding dress.

Wedding Dress: Custom Couture or Off-The-Rack?

The wedding dress is the ultimate wedding accessory. For many brides-to-be, a couture wedding dress that’s custom made according to their exact specification is well worth the money, hours of poring over the tiniest detail and revisions, and multitudes of fittings.

If you’re the type of bride who particularly dislike the fuss surrounding your choice of wedding gowns, you can opt for wedding dresses off the rack. They’re no less lovely, and the choices are endless.

TIP: Do your homework prior to shopping to save time. If you have a specific idea of a dress you want, make a sketch or print a copy of a gown you like on the Internet.

Custom Couture or off-the-rack: A wedding dress face-off


Custom designer wedding dresses are not  readily available. It takes a fair amount of time to design, measure, choose materials, and sew a custom-made wedding gown.

Off the rack gowns for weddings are readily available at bridal salons. You can try them on at any time, make your purchase right away, or do some more comparison shopping to find the right one.

TIP: For custom made gowns, rely on word of mouth recommendation. Check online for actual reviews and general customer feedback if you can.


Couture wedding gowns are pricey, ranging from $5000 and upwards. Factors such as materials, embellishments, customization, and labor up to the cost. These couture wedding dresses are worth it if you have a big budget.

Off the rack wedding dresses are popular since they come in a range of prices that suits anyone’s budget. Bridal dress lines by Nicole Miller, David’s Bridal and J. Crew have excellent selections that are priced reasonably. Price starts anywhere from $200 upwards.

TIP: Check out the Clearance section of bridal shops for out-of –season dresses. Some offer discounts up to 75%.


Custom wedding dresses allow for your input, you can have as little or as many details worked into them. You have unlimited options when it comes to accents, length, shape, and structure to make the gown truly unique.

Dresses for weddings that come off the rack offer great choices in cut and length, and come in a variety of materials. They’re not as fancy as couture gowns in terms of style. This is easily remedied by having the dress altered, with various accents strategically added. Or you can play it up with carefully chosen wedding accessories from veils,  tiaras to jewelries. See below:

Wedding dress idea: Delicate beadwork and embroidery

Continuous Pearl Edge Veil

Wedding dress accessory : White Pearl Waves Wedding Tiara

White Pearl Waves Wedding Tiara

TIP: Know your body type. Choose gowns with the cut and style that flatters your figure the most.

Fit, Form, and Function

A wedding gown customized for you makes for a unique fit because of the numerous fittings involved during the construction of the gown.

Ready to wear dresses for weddings may come in a limited range of sizes and even dresses that are in your size may not fit you properly at all.

TIP: Run away fast from expensive but poorly fitting wedding gown. On your wedding day, you’ll want a gown you can depend on. One that maximizes your assets but allow you to move freely. Give your gown a last fitting a week prior to the wedding date for a perfect fit.

Whether you pick a dress that’s off-the-rack or have one created for you specifically, the best thing to remember in making a decision is your budget, time constraint, and personal preferences. The wedding gown that tugs at your heart is the one to go for. knows that searching for the world’s most perfect gown will have you very busy. That’s why we’ve come up with an extensive array of hand-picked but reasonably priced wedding accessories to complement your choice of wedding dress without you leaving your seat. Visit us today!



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