Six Secrets To Welcome Wedding Guests The Right Way.

Remember that one particular out-of-town wedding where the flight was delayed, the ride was bumpy, and it turned out the hotel you’ve booked that’s located “Right in the city-center” turned up smack off the beaten track? When it looked like things couldn’t get any worse, the wedding couple calls and asks where you are because the wedding rehearsal is about to start!

Wedding guests idea: Welcome packets

Welcome Wedding Packets for Wedding Guests

Exhausted, dishevelled, hungry, and sore, all you wanted to do at that very moment was go back home.

How many couples totally forgot about their guests, assuming they’re all grown up and can find their way around? Avoid being that horrid couple by  answering the following questions:

Who are the guests to our wedding?
If it’s a small ceremony, most of your guests will be family and close friends.

Where are they coming from?
Some guests may come from another city or state and might fly in, take a boat or a train to attend your wedding.

Are there children in the group?
Some couples expressly request not have children present on destination weddings.

Are there any elderly or handicapped persons on my guest list?
Most likely a few guests will be elderly or handicapped. They may need additional assistance or a recommendation from you regarding accommodations and transportation.

Do they have transportation available?
Guests from far cities will definitely need transportation from the hotel to the ceremony and the reception.

What can we, as a couple, do to make their stay as welcoming as possible?
With a bit of time and attention to details, you can do a lot to make guests feel welcome and pampered.

Here’s how to welcome wedding guests the right way:

Before everything else, finalize that all-important wedding guest list. Remember that it’s very bad form to take back an invitation once it’s in the hands of the recipient.

1. Enclose a Save the Date Card with Wedding Invitations.

wedding guest idea: save the date cards

Customizable Save The Date Card

Be thorough with the details on your wedding invitation. Double check with your vendor if they’ve printed every piece of information on the card such as wedding date, time, location, and reception. Other pertinent details that should be included with the invitation can be a map, and a detailed itinerary of wedding activities

TIP: Send save the dates 6 months prior to the date of your wedding so your guests have ample time for travel preparations.

2. Involve wedding guests in your wedding planning.

Everybody loves a good story. Share yours by creating a wedding website online.  has hundreds of themes and galleries to showcase your upcoming wedding. Include basic details as found on your wedding invitation. Tell  family and friends tidbits about you as a couple: how you met and where, what you like about her, why he thinks your habit of cracking your knuckles is cute. Post attractions, events, and interesting trivia about your wedding location, or the city itself. Don’t forget to update your wedding website regularly to amp the excitement!

3. Details, details!

Make it easy for tired wedding guests especially those who have children, the elderly, and the handicapped to navigate their way in a new place. Have an accommodations card inserted into your wedding invitations aside from save the date cards.

What should be included in the accommodations card:

Travel information

Check for airlines that offer travel wedding programs and give discounts to people travelling from the same area. Include car rental recommendations and discounts if you can.

Recommended hotels.
Choose at least two. Some guests might prefer a budget hotel, while others may like a more upscale accommodation. Remember to review hotels online or do a site visit. Check if they can offer a block of rooms for your guests at a discounted price.

A Map

Local Guide

Local Guide

While most everyone rely on their gadgets to get around, a good old map is better and more reliable, especially for elderly wedding guests who might be on their own.

An Itinerary
Guests want to know exactly when and where they should be. A detailed schedule with dates, events, location, and how to get there is a must. Itinerary’s can be sent in advance, or left at the hotel and given to your guests upon their arrival.

A Schedule of local events and a list of places to visit
On their down time, some guests prefer see local attractions and sample what the area has to offer. Add numbers and directions for salons, drugstore, and a dry cleaner.

4. Create welcome gifts for wedding guests in a bag!

Black Delivered With Love Boxes - Personalized Expressions Collection

Nothing says “We want you to celebrate with us!” than a welcome bag of goodies for wedding guests. All you’ll need is a container which can be a personalized bag, a cute box with your wedding motif, or a basket tied with bows. Order containers online and fill it up with whatever you want! Or:

Fill with local delicacies like cookies and candies. Add a beverage or two and your hungry travelling guest will thank you for it.

Round up a set of miniature bottles of personal care products. A mani and pedi set for the ladies, and facial care for the gents, an eye mask, or small bottle of bath salts, lotions and eau de toilette.  Add a plush towel in your wedding colors, place in a cute raffia basket tied with paper ribbons and your guests are in for some nice pampering.

Elegant Rose Design Soap Favors

Prepare activity kits for your little guests. All time favorites like Jelly beans, Goldfish Crackers, Oreo cookies go well with an activity book and coloring pens.

Children's Wedding Reception Activity Book

5. Arrange for transportation for wedding guests on the day of the wedding.

To save guests from having to navigate a new locale and the hassle of parking, arranged transport from hotel-ceremony-reception and back is a nice surprise for guests. Arrange specific pick up and drop off times.

6. Hold welcome cocktails

If you’re on a budget, how about foregoing the rehearsal dinner and instead, invite everyone for cocktails? It will give both sides of the families a chance to mix and mingle.

Making your guests feel right at home boils down to this: How you’d like to be welcomed at an out-of-town or destination wedding is how you should welcome your wedding guests. Cheers! have everything you need to create that special welcome kits your wedding guests would thank you for. Let our staff assist you on your choices today!


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