Wedding Theme 101: 6 Vital Factors To Consider

Wedding theme idea: a garden wedding

A wedding theme is a personal statement showcasing your style as a couple. It’s how you’d want your wedding to feel from the very first musical note at start of the ceremony, until the last satisfied guest leaves the reception. Your choice of popular wedding theme, a classically themed wedding, or a whimsical theme for your wedding is what pulls all wedding details together, and creates the exact ambiance on your wedding day.

Wedding theme idea: a garden wedding

Garden Themed Wedding


Why is a wedding theme important?

A themed wedding gives consistence and cohesion to your wedding in terms of color, decorations, and setting. It makes it easy to choose the design details of your wedding, from invitations, flower baskets, wedding gown, and even napkin rings. It enables your baker to craft the perfect wedding cake, for the choir to help you decide on the right music, and for the caterers to create the perfect menu.

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Six Vital factors to consider when choosing a wedding theme:


You’re quite free to choose any wedding theme for any budget, but formal themed weddings are pricier than casual or modern themed ones. Make it easy on yourself by setting a specific budget, or a definite number of wedding guests and choose a theme accordingly.

Wedding venue

Location is the stage where your wedding unfolds. Carefully consider the venue’s amenities, accessibility, affordability, and availability not just for you but your guests as well. A Victorian themed wedding would be beautifully set off if held at a scenic location such as a mansion with lush gardens.


Are you an active, outdoorsy couple who love traveling? Or are you the pair who’d rather enjoy an elegant dinner after a Broadway show? Themed weddings allow you to show everyone your passions in life and makes for an authentic celebration.

TIP: If you’re stumped for ideas, browse theme wedding ideas on Pinterest. Save pictures in a folder or bookmark pages you love. You can also mark magazine pages, tack pictures, scraps of fabric, ribbons and other materials to create an idea board for a wedding theme inspiration.


When choosing colors for wedding themes, remember that colors have a huge impact on people’s feelings.  You can basically set the mood from innocence by choosing white, to elegant and avant-garde, by going for dramatic black. Choose a favorite color for wedding theme in three or more hues to complement wedding details from wedding invitations, bouquets, and flower baskets, bridesmaid’s dresses, right down to the wedding cake and wedding favors.

Wedding theme colors in violets and pinks

Blooms in contrasting hues of violets, pinks, and cream.


TIP: Using a single color for everything is overwhelming. Mix complimentary colors, one as base and the other as accent.


Season plays an important role in terms of venue availability, desired location, and the weather (wet, cold, hot). If you love the bright reds and copper hues of fall, set a wedding date for October. The weather would be cooler without being wet. Do some research on the climate and weather conditions of a country you’re heading to if you’re having a destination wedding abroad.

Personal meaning:

Is your wedding a celebration of years of friendship or is it a culmination of a two-month long whirlwind romance? Is it a second wedding celebrating newly found love and happines? Each wedding theme has a particular meaning for every couple. These six important factors makes it possible for you to choose the wedding theme that’s nearest to your personal taste. Begin planning for it early, and in every detail, stamp it with your unique personality through customization.

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