Discover How To Find The Perfect Cake Topper For Your Wedding Cake

For couples who are not particularly fond of the generic cake toppers from the local bakery, searching for the right accent to add personality to the wedding cake is like hunting for a needle in a haystack. The task becomes frustratingly mind-numbing and hopeless. No ceramic or porcelain figure feels right. Either it’s too big, too boring, tacky, or completely clashes with your personalities.

Cake topper:  Winged fairy and valiant knight

Fairy tale themed weddings need a valiant knight and a winged fairy cake topper.

Go easy on yourself if you can’t find the perfect accessory to your wedding cake. The truth is, hundreds of couples settled for less than what they want as cake accents because the topper for the wedding cake is either unavailable, difficult to do, or the wedding date is upon them.

TIP: One of the best ways to nab that perfect wedding caketopper without breaking a sweat is to go online, Google “cake toppers” and presto, results!

Here are tested tips for successfully selecting the cake toppers for your wedding cake:

1. Caketoppers are accents and should in no way overwhelm your wedding cake. Talk to your baker or pastry chef, get the exact measurement of your cake, including the layers. This will give you an idea of how big the porcelain or ceramic cake topper should be.

Choose cake toppers proportionate to the size of your wedding cake.

Choose cake toppers proportionate to the size of your wedding cake.

2. Have a budget to work with. This helps narrow your search, making it easier and faster for you to grab that lovely ceramic lovebird’s  topper in ombre blush that’s on sale.

3. Talk with your partner about the kind of cake decoration you both want to see. Showcase your ethnicity, and celebrate same-sex marriage by mixing or matching figures on cakes. Agree on a topper but have a second option ready in case the first is not available or hard to come by.

Interchangeable True Romance Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

Wedding cake topper options

4. Stick with your wedding theme when choosing a topper for the cake, for a cohesively elegant look if possible. Consider the location and the season. Be funny, witty, or completely practical, there’s a cake topper online for to reflect your personalities!

Cake topper idea: Fun and witty at the same time, the gone fishin figures the bride reeling in the groom.

The Gone Fishin’ cake topper is a witty take on falling in love!

5. Have your topper for wedding cake customized to become mini versions of you and your partner to achieve that truly unique accent which you can keep as a token of your wedding day along with the topmost layer of your wedding cake.

The best thing about shopping online for a wedding cake accent is the number of selections you can choose from. You can even mix and match toppers and decide on the material that you like: porcelain, ceramic, wood, fabric, acrylic or a mix of elements. Have your cake toppers hand-painted to look like you, add whimsical touches, and have the finished product delivered to you in a matter of days. Now that’s one less wedding detail to stress over. carry a great selection of carefully chosen cake toppers to match any wedding theme. We also craft one-of-a-kind cake toppers that are miniature versions of you at a fraction of the cost you’d expect. Chat live with our staff for questions on how to customize your cake topper now.



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