Outdoor Summer Weddings: 5 Ways To Wow Wedding Guests


You don’t need a spectacular show to wow your guests at your outdoor summer wedding. In fact, your wedding guests’ satisfaction does not depend on how much money you spend on the wedding ceremony and reception. Many couples have the misconception that spending thousands of dollars on lavish decorations, the  best possible wedding venue, and sumptuous food is the key.  The truth is, despite the grandeur there are wedding guests that go home dissatisfied. The reason? Their basic comfort was not met.

There’s no denying the magical quality of an outdoor summer wedding. The light is just right and your wedding photos will look fabulous. But don’t get swept away in this illusory picture of an awesome wedding day just because it’s summer. The hot and sultry season brings about its own particular woes, and part of your summer wedding planning will be dealing with practical considerations when it comes to your wedding guests’ comfort.

Summer’s downside  can come in the form of a swarm of bugs, an unexpected rain shower, high winds, delays, sunburn, nowhere to sit down,  melting makeup, heat and humidity, and parched throats to name a few.

Outdoor summer weddings and bright sunlight


Would you subject your guests to these discomforts during your wedding day? No bride or groom would ever think to allow their guests to suffer through these, but it happens because you’re too frazzled, busy, or drowning in wedding details.

Here are five ways to make outdoor summer weddings as cool and comfy as possible, a feat your wedding guests will forever appreciate.


1. Have an indoor area ready.

Outdoor summer weddings while held outdoors, still need a plan B from the unexpected, because nature is fickle. Nobody wants to look like a drowned rat, dripping wet with nowhere to take shelter from the elements when rain pours during your wedding. While you’re at it, provide additional seats indoors for elderly guests, guests with disabilities, and children who might need to rest between events. Give guests easy access to restrooms where they can freshen up easily. Most wedding venues have an indoor area specifically for this purpose.


2. Keep guests in the shade.

Unless your wedding location is surrounded by towering trees that block the sun, it’s a good choice to have as part of your decoration, fabric canopies that provide shade and look pretty at the same time.

Fabric Canopy

Fabric Canopy


Oversized umbrellas situated strategically around the wedding ceremony seating arrangement works just as well. Both help protect guests from the sun’s direct assault. A basket full of parasols and cute sunglasses helps too!

TIP: If possible, plan for a seating arrangement where the sun is at your back and not in your eyes at the time your wedding ceremony will be held.


3. Keep bugs away.

Bugs may well be your worst enemy during your wedding day if the elements behaved themselves. For an outdoor summer wedding, consider ordering miniature bottles of bug sprays that you can customize with a monogram, a quote, or your names.

Have these bottles handy to be given out to guests as they arrive. Get insect repellent candles in decorative lanterns as part of your wedding decoration. They’ll look very cute and bugs will definitely stay away, letting you and your guests enjoy your wedding day.


4. Help guests stay cool!

Wedding ceremony programs do double duty to inform guests and also to cool them. Have your programs done in a foldable fan shape for guests to use or if you love crafting, take a peek at this easy “How To Make a Wedding Program Fan” below

You can also have a raffia fans personalized with feathers and ribbons, and attach them to wedding guest’s seats.


5. Have a hydration station.

Have your vendor set up a hydration station filled with several infused water coolers, lemonade mixers, or iced teas for guests to sample like the one below.

A more practical option is a small bottle of water personalized with your names, and the date of your wedding given to each guest, or in a decorative tub.

TIP: Have a pretty table set up near the entrance to hold wedding ceremony programs, sunglasses, bottles of water, parasols, and bug sprays. It’s a thoughtful way of showing your guests that their comfort is very important to you.

There are many ways to to achieve the wow factor and impress your guests.  Just by covering the basics listed above, you already communicate to your guests that their comfort is important, and that speaks a lot about you and your partner.

Do you have other suggestions to make your outdoor wedding guests have a fabulous time at your wedding? Chime in below! is primarily a purveyor of fine wedding accessories from aisle to anniversary. We’d love to help you out with your summer outdoor wedding planning. Chat with our staff now.


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