Summer Wedding Do’s and Dont’s Brides Shouldn’t Overlook

If you love summer, you’re in for a treat when you plan a summer wedding between June and August! The summer season spells awesome flexibility in wedding venues, menu choices, and wedding themes, not to mention the stunning natural light and sweeping views! Your wedding photos will unquestionably be fabulous! Hold your wedding ceremony and reception outdoors and you triple the fun factor!

Fresh and light summer wedding days are a favorite for many couples around the world

Summer Wedding Love!

Whether you choose the beach, a wooded park, or  a stunning mountain view as a backdrop for your wedding day, there’s something you should know about the other side of the coin. Summer, while awesome,  comes with its own challenges and hazards.  Sunstroke, sunburn and splinters can happen at any time to anyone during your wedding day. Insect bites, allergies, and other unwarranted accidents can happen. Cross this concern off your list of worries and have your summer wedding flow safely and beautifully!

Below you’ll find a list of do’s and don’ts to help you combat the challenges of pulling off a superb summer outdoor wedding.


Summer Wedding Must-Do For Brides:


  • Do schedule your wedding ceremony late in the afternoon to prevent exposing everyone to extreme temperatures.
  • Do have your wedding coordinator provide fans and portable air coolers to combat heat and humidity.
  • Do provide adequate seating especially if you’re having a beach themed wedding.Beach wedding seating
  • Do opt for a relaxed or casual attire for your wedding guests. Everybody will appreciate pretty summer dresses in floaty fabrics and casual
  • slacks and shirts over constricting layers of cloth and heavy fabric.
  • Do have fans, parasols, and bottles of water ready for guests like this  colorful Elegant Pink Folding Fan below:
    Summer wedding favor idea is a paper folding fan from couplesoncakes

    Summer Wedding favor idea!

  • Do have a spare boutonnière ready for your groom.
  • Do make insect repellent candles in cute or vintage themed containers be part of your outdoor wedding décor to ward off bugs and flying insects.

Aside from the obvious preparations, do have a first aid kit ready to prevent or treat summer hazards in the event it happens.


Summer Wedding Don’ts For Brides to Follow:

  • Don’t assume your wedding guests have no summer plans.
    This is where a Save the Date card plays an important role. Send them out 8 to 6 months in advance, so your guests will be able to make travel preparations or manage their schedules to accommodate your wedding day.
  • Don’t give your guests food poisoning.
    Food spoils fast in the summer heat. If you’re holding your wedding reception outdoors, order a light fare that keeps fresh longer, and be sure to get your concerns about food spoilage across to your caterer.
  • Don’t forget to have adequate sun protection.
    The sun is especially nasty during the summer especially from 10 AM to 3 PM. Provide guests with  small sachets of sunscreen in a sweetly decorated basket, as well as sunglasses to ward of the sun’s harsh rays.
  • Don’t think bugs and insects won’t crash your wedding party, they will.
    Have handy, individually wrapped bug wipes like Avon’s  bug wipes ready for your guests. Unlike other bug sprays, these wipes actually smell good! Also incorporate insect repellant candles that looks oh so pretty when placed in hanging mason jars. See below for inpsiration!
  • Combat summer wedding bugs with insect repellant candles prettily placed in mason jars.

    Bug Repellant Candles In Hanging Mason Jars

  • Don’t be cruel and insist on a formal attire for an outdoor wedding.
    Three piece suits will have your male guests roasting in the heat. Light fabrics and less layers does the trick in this instance. So advice your guest to wear summer appropriate attire, they’ll thank you for it.
  • Don’t be a stranger to your summer wedding venue.
    Scout your chosen venue beforehand for potential hazards such as poisonous plants that can cause a severe allergic reactions, or paths that might not be suitable if you have elderly guests.
  • Don’t think an open bar is enough to quench your wedding guest’s thirst.
    Summer heat and alcohol together is a deadly mix and causes dehydration. Summer wedding refreshments should include non-alcoholic drinks such as flavor infused iced teas and flavored lemonades along you’re your choice of liquor.

    Summer wedding equals big thirst for wedding guests. Quench with refreshments!

    Summer Wedding Idea: Thirst Quenching Lemonade Bar

  • Don’t faint from suffocation because you’re wearing a ball gown in lieu of a light summer wedding dress.
    There are many fabulous wedding dresses just right for a summer wedding you can opt for, but if your heart is set on a ballgown inspired wedding dress, make it work in the summer  by changing into a more comfortable dress for your reception. This also makes you able to enjoy your wedding day more.


Summer wedding slips, fails and hazards are easily prevented with a bit of foresight. Go all out when it comes to preventing summer wedding mishaps and give wedding guests a grand time! The extra effort you put into the wellbeing and safety of your guests will be well appreciated! answers your wedding accessories needs come fall winter spring or summer! Browse through our budget friendly wedding accessory selections for your summer wedding needs. Chat with our helpful staff today!





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