Wedding Veil: Should You Ditch This Flimsy Piece of Fabric?

With all the attention focused on the wedding dress, many brides spare little thought to the wedding veil. It is only until the last minute when they feel their head is too naked, or their mother’s nagged them to get a veil that this bridal accessory comes under intense scrutiny.

This flimsy piece of fabric used to cover brides from the head, comes in many lengths and styles. It has caused quite a stir, and adds an unneeded helping of stress for the modern bride. The veil poses another round of questions that need to be answered. Ivory or ecru? Plain or lace? Beaded, beribboned, two tiers or three? Faced with this and more, any modern bride is of sound mind to ditch this traditional bridal head piece altogether.



Should you wear a veil on your wedding day, as millions of brides have done through the ages? Or should you just forego wearing one and opt for an alternative such as a tiara?


There are many reasons why modern brides are not too fond of elaborate wedding veils. Below we’ve outlined the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a veil for your wedding ceremony which are:

1. Wedding veils are bulky, unruly, and generally a creature that has a life of its own particularly at the most inappropriate moment.

2. Long, sweeping veils for brides are is nightmare. Beach and outdoor weddings, where the wind is unpredictable, can make wearing a veil a huge challenge. Imagine yards of tulle whipping around your face as you try to speak your wedding vows. It’s not a pretty sight.

3. A fancy wedding veil is impractical. Why spend money on something you’ll only take off after the wedding ceremony?

4. The wedding veil in question is inappropriate with your wedding dress or hairstyle. It’s too over the top, too plain, or simply does nothing for you.

5. Veils for brides on their wedding day are too traditional. The veil was used to signify the bride’s purity. The lifting of the veil from the bride’s face is a symbolic gesture of transferring the bride from her father’s protection to her husband. Independent brides are uncomfortable with this.

While the disadvantages of the wedding veil are on point, here are factors you must weigh before you decide if a veil is not for you.


1. There are few moments in your life where you’ll be shrouded in beauty and mystery, and the wedding veil is just the accessory to hit the right note. If you desire to walk down the aisle as your wedding guests look on in with bated breaths, with everything hushed while soft, solemn music plays in the background, and your groom close to tears as he marvels at the gift he’s been given, then the veil is for you.

2. Religion, cultural beliefs, and social norms dictate whether or not you wear a veil. Depending on your religion or cultural background, a wedding veil might be a necessary part of your bridal attire. Consult your officiant on this.

3. These days, Wedding veils come in an array of fabric, style, and embellishments. Choose sheer fabric if you don’t want your veil to obscure your hair, makeup, and wedding dress. Opt for an elaborate piece if your wedding gown is subdued, or a simple veil if your wedding dress is an elaborate number.

4. Veils for weddings now are constructed differently from your mother’s wedding veil. They can be detached from the headpiece easily so you don’t have to go around with it trailing limply after you.

5. Affordable wedding veils are everywhere. You don’t need to break the bank getting one. There are many online stores that carry wedding veils with excellent designs and varied styles to complement your hair and dress.

Still on the fence when it comes to wedding veils? Take a peek at different wedding veil styles on Glamour magazine.
Your choice of veil depends on the occasion of your wedding. Is it formal or casual? Long veils are appropriate for big church weddings where there is ample room for the veil to create an impact. It’s another matter to use a cathedral veil in a small, cramped space.

Bookmark this article to help you decide later on or you can browse through our blog for more tips all about weddings. Veils are a personal choice but it helps if you have all the pros and cons considered before you decide on one. makes it easy for you to choose the right wedding veil to complement your wedding dress or hairstyle. Browse through our wedding veil selections, from bird cage veil to ballet length veils, there’s one that’s perfect for you!

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