5 Wedding Day Kid-Friendly Tips

You’re about to say “I do!” as you gaze soulfully into your groom’s eyes when roaring shrieks shatter your magical moment. A loud, plaintive voice cries out: “Is it over yet?” And as you clench your fists in exasperation, the romantic image you’ve tried so hard to projectu pans out as everybody zooms in to the source of the commotion. The culprit?  Your usually even-tempered three year old nephew looking absolutely miserable in his tight formal clothes and stiff shoes.

Here’s a cute video of an adorable flower girl, and after watching it, you’ll see why you need to do some prep work for your young guests!

Children, especially ones under 4 years of age, have short attention spans and are notoriously difficult, especially during formal occasions. They easily get bored and cranky. They cry when tired, hungry, sleepy, thirsty, or get separated from their parents. They also know how to communicate their displeasure forcefully.

If there are children included in your wedding day, best prepare for some inevitable meltdown moments.

Here are 5 ways to keep children entertained on your wedding day.

1. Hire a baby sitter for a fuss-free wedding day.

Assign a reliable baby sitter or two, depending on how many children you expect will turn up at your wedding. Have a background check performed before hiring for safety measures. Inform guests that a sitter is available during your wedding ceremony and reception. Many parents would love to enjoy your wedding day, but some may have no one to leave their child with.


2. Delegate a specific area for kids and keep wedding day fun for everyone.

Ask the event coordinator at your chosen wedding venue for a room where babies and toddlers can take a nap, or for parents to feed younger babies. Adding a couple of cribs and playpens helps too. Create a lounge-like atmosphere for bigger kids with a TV set, snacks, board games, and activity books.


3. Reception area for children? A must do.

Thrill little guests with a table set up specifically for them at your reception and make them feel like grown-ups!

  • Have a menu that kids love, from pasta, fresh fruits, and chicken ready.
  • Adorn table with edible centrepieces like a chocolate ball topiary with ribbons matching your wedding color.
  • Give wedding favors filled with goodies they’ll love! From bubbles to plastic toys, the Dollar store has it.
  • Have a mini chocolate fountain set-up or a DIY candy station near their table and they’ll be too busy having fun!
  • Don’t forget the cardboard faces coloring sheets, activity books, and crayons


4. Give bigger kids responsibilities for a unique wedding day twist.

Bigger kids ages 6-10 would rather do something than sit around. Arm them with disposable cameras and give them the task of taking candid pictures of your wedding day. You might be surprised what your wedding photographer missed!


5. Set up a mini play area.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding this is so easy! Choose a spot that’s cool and shady. Have a plastic ball pit, add bubble guns, kid sized Frisbees, plastic golf sets and your tiny guests will blissfully occupy themselves while the ceremony is going on. Make sure to have someone watch over the kids.


Of course children are primarily their parent’s responsibility, and they do know how to diffuse a tantrum, but you may want to help out especially if you have made it clear that children are welcome, or if a portion of your wedding guests include nieces, nephews and your children too. Don’t forget to make sure  your young guests are cool and comfy if you intend to hold a summer wedding or outdoor wedding with these outdoor summer wedding tips.

Weddings are tedious and boring to a child, but with the tips above, you have a measure of control on how things would turn up on your wedding day and ensure everybody has a grand time, most especially you. offers a handpicked selection of wedding favors and activity books kids love. From crafty paper bags you can fill with goodies to fun Frisbees, we have your small guests covered! Visit us today.

Featured Image Credit Goes to Love This Pic.

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