Never Neglect Sending The Wedding Thank You Note

Schedule writing your wedding thank you notes and send them out right away.

Writing and sending out Wedding Thank You Notes fall under post wedding obligations which is a necessary part of wedding etiquette, but is completely forgotten by many newlywed couples. When you put this small obligation in the back burner, there’s a high chance of forgetting about it altogether. Months after the wedding day, guests are left wondering, “Whatever happened to the gift I sent?”

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The importance of a wedding thank you note:

Although small and seemingly insignificant, the thank you note is actually a hefty indicator of your thoughtfulness and good manners. Sadly, many newlyweds often neglect sending out these notes to the people who were there to attend their wedding, give them gifts, or assisted them in any way during their wedding preparation. Blame the blissful honeymoon haze, or the post honeymoon adjustment as a couple, or just plain life for procrastinating in sending out your simple message, but these things do not excuse you from a grave oversight.

What is a wedding thank you note?

A thank you note is a written correspondence on wedding stationery thanking someone for a gift you’ve received, for his presence at your wedding, or if he has contributed time and expertise to your wedding preparations. You can either use a separate stationery to write a short, sincere message to your guest, or you can have coordinating thank you notes or cards in the same color and design with your wedding invitations and save the date cards. Many wedding accessories shops carry coordinating wedding stationeries which you can order and personalized with your names or monograms.

What happens when you overlook sending a thank you note?

Based on the general disappointment of the thousands if not millions of disgruntled gift givers whom the newlyweds forgot to thank, this small, simple piece of stationery is highly important. So important that Anne Landers was inundated with a deluge of letters of complaints because people failed to write a simple note of thanks. Curious? Read all the rants here.

To grasp its significance, you need to understand why it’s plain good manners to send them out in the first place. That’s right, everything boils down to manners and etiquette in this instance.

Place yourself in your wedding guest’s shoes. You’ve probably flown down from your home city to attend a wedding. You’ve lugged the precious wedding gift for the lovely couple which took you two weeks to find and spent a ridiculous amount of money on. You’ve also managed to enjoy the touching wedding ceremony and the lively reception. And you went home, tired and slightly a little poorer in the pocket but it doesn’t matter, because the couple is near and dear to your heart.

When do you send a thank you note? Two-three weeks from then on, you expect to receive a small note saying they received your gift, or they liked your gift or simply a generic “Thank you for attending our wedding.” Nothing comes. Weeks, months passed and it’s apparent there’s no acknowledgement whatsoever of the time and effort you’ve spent for the couple.

Did the couple even opened their gift from you? How does that make you feel?


Can I still send my thank you’s after a year has passed?

Schedule writing your wedding thank you notes and send them out right away.

Don’t delay sending out wedding thank you notes!

Ideally, send thank you notes out as soon as you can. Thank you notes should be sent out no later than three months after your wedding day. Don’t for a moment believe that you have 365 days to do it. The sooner your guests receive them, the better for everyone around.

Avoid hurt feelings and surprising silences from those whom you consider family and friends, and even acquaintances by just doing a small act that won’t take a lot of your time. Good manners help ease life’s tensions, make personal interactions pleasant, and create stronger bonds. In the flurry and excitement of wedding preparations, make sure to include a schedule when to send out thank you notes in your agenda.

Take time to sit down with your partner and go over your guest list and bridal registry. Pen a sincere but short message of thanks. Your guests deserve to know that you’ve received their gifts, enjoyed their presence, and that you hope to hear from them again.

In our next post, we’ll tell you how easy it is to pen a thank you note for each guest, and what you should do if you happen to have a big wedding and writing a huge batch of notes becomes impractical. Stay tuned!

At, we got you covered from aisle to anniversary. Don’t forget to send out your wedding thank you notes! If you don’t have anything in mind yet, chat with our helpful staff today!

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