Wedding Thank You Notes Do’s And Don’t’s

Sending wedding thank you notes to your wedding guests after your wedding day should be timely and not exceed three months after your wedding day to avoid raised eyebrows. It has to be done with style and grace to convey your sincere appreciation for the wedding gifts sent your way by thoughtful family and friends. And it has to be done no matter how hectic the first days of your married life is, no excuses.

As a bride, it’s important to understand why it’s imperative to send a hand written note instead of simply shooting an email to thank guests for their gifts.

Wedding thank you notes are quite tricky to pen, here's a guide for you, so send those notes now!

The Only Guide You’ll Need!

In a previous post, we’ve shared with you how to navigate your way around this wedding obligation land mine, and come out unscathed. Here, we’ve made it even easier for you to remember what to do and not to do as you tackle the last phase of your wedding planning.

Wedding thank you notes Dos and Dont’s:


1. Schedule a specific date and time after your wedding reception or honeymoon. You need to sit down and  write all your thank you notes down to the last person who sent you a wedding gift. Some brides even go as far as sending thank you’s to guests who attended the wedding but failed to give a gift.

2. Remember that as archaic as it may sound, hand-written notes on good wedding stationery remains the classiest most thoughtful way to let the giver know you appreciate her wedding gift.

3. Keep track of wedding gifts and senders name, email address, mailing address and contact numbers with an easy to use online tool such as which also allows you to print mailing labels! This makes sure you thank the right sender for a specific gift, and mail the correct thank you note to the right person.

4. Get creative and use your wedding portrait for a thank you note, but if and only if your wedding photographer can deliver them before your set deadline. If not, it’s a better idea just to send a note of thanks.

5. Observe proper writing style when writing your notes. For close family and friends, be informal in your salutation, for acquaintances, include honorifics.

6. Do create a personalized effect by mentioning the gift and what it means to you.

7. Do maintain an upbeat mood in your note, your recipient can feel your sincerity.



1. Don’t forget to post your written wedding thank you notes. Notes usually come with envelopes so have stamps at the ready, along with a good writing instrument in black or royal blue ink.

2. Don’t use generic drugstore pre-printed thank you cards where you only need to sign your name. Instead, order coordinating stationery along with your wedding invitations, save the date cards, and RSVP cards for a cohesive effect. Or opt to order wedding thank you notes online. They’re equally lovely, can be customized with your monograms, and you do save a lot especially if you have many wedding guests to thank.

3. Don’t rush when writing your thank you notes for wedding gifts. Take time to thank the giver properly by mentioning her gift, how it has benefited you, and that you want to reconnect any time soon.

4. Don’t put off writing your thank you missives at the last possible moment. Remember the three month rule? It’s so much better if you send out your notes well ahead in advance.

5. Don’t ask your mother or mother in law or anyone else to write the notes for you. This is a personal task which you should do yourself.

6. Don’t ever indicate in your note that you dislike a gift, or if you can have it exchanged for something else.

7. Don’t forget to send thank you notes to your wedding guests even if they have not given a gift. This is especially true for destination weddings. It will not cost you a lot, and some guests might be experiencing a financial difficulty. Appreciate the fact they managed to be there for you on your big day.

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