Avoid These 5 Notorious Wedding Veils At All Cost

Wedding veils are particularly susceptible to strong winds and can whip about your face.

Of course you’ve seen bridal mishaps happen! It’s hilarious, surreal, and entertaining. But a wedding veil fail is only funny until it happens to you. Unruly veils ruin photographic moments that can’t be recaptured. Batting away your errant veil is stressful. What you should know is that wedding veil fails happen even if you’ve carefully planned your wedding ceremony and wedding reception down to the tiniest details. Are there any steps to completely prevent such a disaster at your wedding?


If you’ve opted to wear a veil for your wedding day, congratulations! While veils may seem old-fashioned for the modern bride, there’s no discounting the fact that they add a quintessential air of mystery as you march down the aisle on your wedding day, and create a photogenic effect to your wedding pictures. What they shouldn’t do is sabotage your special day.

We’ve compiled a list of five of the world’s most notorious wedding veils, what they’re capable of, and what you can do about it.

1. The Python

It is every brides nightmare to trip and fall down during her bridal march, or at any time during her wedding ceremony. The python veil will silently slither around your ankles, or  lovingly wrap itself around the heel of your shoe and trip you mid-step if you’re not careful. Most likely to slither around your feet are ankle length and chapel length veils. While long and classical veils for weddings look stunning in pictures, they can be deadly.

Should you opt for a shorter veil? Not necessarily. Bring your bridal shoes and veil during one of your wedding dress fittings. Remember that veils are not one size fits all when it comes to length, just as brides don’t come in one size. An ankle length veil for a bride who stands at 5’6” would drape all over the floor when worn by bride 5’ tall. Have the length of your veil adjusted, and practice walking with it on during your fittings.

2. The Excitable Veil.

The Excitable veil is both flighty and given to bouts of passive aggressive behavior. One minute it drapes over you serenely, the next, it’s an evil contraption trying to choke you. You’ll know this if you look closely at pictures and videos of brides wearing fingertip, elbow length, and even blusher veils. This veil is impractical especially if the chosen wedding ceremony location is windy. Think beach weddings, outdoor weddings, cliff-top weddings, and weddings at sea.

Wedding veils are particularly susceptible to strong winds and can whip about your face.

Tame this veil!

If you hate the idea of your wedding veil slapping you, your groom, and the officiant while managing to smear your makeup and lipstick all at the same time, consider using a bird cage veil or a blusher veil for effect.

If short veils do nothing for you, then keep your elbow length or longer wedding veil in line by using magnetic veil weights which will act as anchor for your flighty veil and calm it down even with a brisk wind to excite it. Veil weights come in different designs for you to choose from.


2. The Groom Trap

The evil twin of the Python veil, this fabulous wedding veil lies in ambush for the unsuspecting groom. Longer wedding veil styles are usually the culprit if ever you find your groom sprawled inelegantly on the floor.

Longer veils that brush or sweep the floor such as the Chapel veil or Cathedral veil are designed to look stunning, and are best when displayed around the bride elegantly. Use only if you have a retinue of assistants on your wedding day and if you’re getting married in a location with a large amount of space.


3. The Clueless veil.

The clueless veil is to be pitied. It doesn’t know what it’s supposed to do. Should it stay up, refusing to budge even when you want to remove it? Or should it slide down your back as you say “I do?” Will it war with your dress or play it up?

Help this veil get a clue by knowing what you really want. Need to highlight the fancy beadwork on your wedding dress bodice? Opt for a sheer and  flirty blusher veil. Or choose a long veil with beadwork if you’ll be wearing an understated wedding dress. Will your hair be in an elaborate updo? Then a three tiered veil that sits high on your head will resemble a sheer tent and make you look ridiculous, and no bride wants to be seen in that light on her wedding day.

Consider all aspects of your wedding ceremony and reception when choosing a veil, try it on with your wedding dress. Take a friend or two to fittings and have them snap pictures of you in all angles. This reveals flaws and imperfections that might lead to a veil fail.


4. The Deadweight

The deadweight veil refuses to budge from your head long after the wedding ceremony. It lays there limp and unmoving. If you don’t like the idea of getting a headache, don’t wear a heavy veil. They can literally become a pain in the neck and are difficult to remove.

Solution? A shorter veil in sheer fabric, with minimal beading works. More elaborate veils and ones that are made of satin tulle weigh more from all the beads and crystals sewn unto them. Look into veil bases such as velcro for an easier veil removal after the ceremony or during reception. If a veil is uncomfortable, toss it.


5. The Backstabber

Much as false friends would stab you from behind, ribbon edged veils and veils with edge treatments visually cut your vertical line when viewed from the back. Your guests will spend an inordinate amount of time staring at your back FYI. Stay away from this wedding veil style if you’re petite. A veil with no edge treatment will work for you.
Now that you’re well acquainted with the five types of veils notorious for making brides cry, you’re well equipped to choose a bridal accessory to transform your wedding day into a magical moment, and all because you’re not swiping and swatting your wedding veil off your face, or kicking it behind you.

At, we help you deal with stressors one by one effectively by offering you wedding veil styles that are appropriate with your wedding theme and your wedding dress. Still unsure if a wedding veil is for you? Our helpful staff is online to answer your questions, or you can browse through our blog for more helpful wedding preparation tips!





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