Reasons Why Winter Weddings Are Popular

Smart couples everywhere know this about winter weddings, and you should too! Winter is a slow period for weddings and other events. That translates to more vendors willing to pare down prices for events, from caterers, bakers, to florists! There are more available venues for you to to consider, and you can negotiate for ones with better facilities at lower costs. But more than the practicalities, there’s more reason’s for you tall in love with a winter themed wedding!

winter wedding

1. Winter Themed Weddings  in Winter Colors are Undeniably Romantic.

Winter wedding vistas and scenes are unlike what you’ll find in any other season. The white on white backdrop provides a blank page for you to plan your wedding theme colors, decors and accessories! From glacial silvers and blues to glittering gold, winter wedding colors for decorations and embellishments is pure class! Winter  invites you to get creative with deeper, richer hues for your wedding accent, your bridesmaid’s dresses, and wedding accessories, which gives a more dramatic flair to your wedding photos!


2. Winter Wedding Fashion Rocks!

Winter calls for heavier, thicker, layered clothing that would be impossible to pull off at any other time. Think plush wraps, long, velvet bridesmaid’s dresses, chic glacial jewelry for accent and you get the idea. Melting make-up will never be one of your worries for a winter wedding, just remember to make sure your venue is adequately heated.


3. Weddings In Winter Are Cheaper.

Most wedding suppliers and vendors, such as venue, photographer, videographer, car rental owners, DJ, bands, and designers, offer major discounts during off-season weddings, which is during the winter season. There’s a plethora of huge discounts that translates to money in your pocket.

Wedding gown designers also hold off season sale during these months, so a wedding dress you’ve been eyeing can cost as much as 80% less than its release price!


4. Leisurely  & Intimate Weddings Are Possible in Winter

The evenings start early in winter. It means that you have more time to snuggle down or  party with your guests. Offer alternatives to the usual fare with specially brewed tea, coffee, or mulled wine to keep your guests warm. See also reason number seven!


5. Less Spending for  Winter Wedding Decors.

You’ll find that almost all venues are dressed to the nines come the holidays. You can definitely slash your budget for decorations! Skip the flowers or keep it down. Instead, opt for elements that mimic nature such as faux snowflakes, frosted branches, icy blue lighting, for decorations. You can also use synthetic flowers, scented candles, and fairy lights for additional magic on that special day.


6. The Holiday Season Is The Perfect Time For A Wedding in Winter.

Holidays mean family gatherings, with everyone flying home to be with loved ones. Hit two birds with one stone and plan your wedding in winter. A mid-week wedding  is also possible during winter because a lot of people take time off work during Christmas and New Year. More of your family members and friends can come and witness your wedding day , no excuses!


7. An Excuse to Honeymoon On a Tropical Island.

Winter is an excuse to spend your honeymoon on Tropical Island! Escape the cold weather and fly to the tropics for a sweet, honeymoon adventure. It’s the perfect time to visit and enjoy Maldives, South Africa, or the Caribbean. If those destinations are too mainstream for you, South East Asia’s beaches beckon with its warm climate, affordable accommodations, and friendly people.


8. Hearty Winter Wedding Food Selections

With the cold nipping at your heels, Winter comes with different choices for appetizers, desserts, beverages, and the likes. You can opt for heavier food choices at a lesser costs as compared with other seasonal menu options. Beware though, seasonal items are expensive, so go over menus with your caterers with care.

White weddings are completely gorgeous and with all the reasons enumerated above, what’s not to love about winter weddings? We know we do! carries winter themed wedding accessories designed to help you pull off an elegant winter themed wedding at little cost!

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