Winter Wedding on a Budget

For the average Jane, weddings in winter appear more costly with these things considered: fresh flowers for decorations, unavailable menu items such as fresh fruits, wedding reception venue rentals, availability of vendors, and so on.

What the winter bride-to-be doesn’t know is that these things which will seemingly bump up her budget, are the very things that will help her keep down winter wedding costs! Here’s how to go about it!

Winter Weddings

1. A winter bride can keep her guest list as short as she pleases.

Limit your guest list to close friends and family. Cutting the guests on your list will slash your costs on catering, invitation, centerpiece, and wedding favors. You can also rent a smaller venue if you have fewer guests. Remember, smaller venue means less rental cost. Your wedding will be an intimate affair when you keep guest list to a minimum.

Do away with a full bar. The weather is cold so why not serve a comforting array of beverages white hot chocolate to warm guests? Or try mixing cider and sangria for an unexpected cocktail.

2. Wedding dresses for winter are dirt cheap during end of season sale!

Famous designers normally hold annual sale during the winter months. Choose stylish gowns and classic suits for your wedding party without spending a fortune. Save up to 70% on gowns, headpieces, veils, and shoes at annual mega-sales and sample sales. You can also snag a floor sample for almost 50% discount or find discount coupons or attend a trunk show of your favorite designer.

If you have your heart already set for a designer wedding gown, pick a more casual design. A wedding gown that will use lots of fabric will cost you more. Consider a wedding gown with lace-up corset-style back. It’s not only beautiful but it will also save you money on alterations! The bodice of the dress can easily adapt to fit your body measurement, so you can cinch it in, or loosen the laces.

3. Hack the DIY wedding scene!

Ask your talented bridesmaid to do your hair and make-up for the big day. Make your own wedding accessories, use pieces you already have and which you’ve been saving for a special occassion, or borrow your mom’s antique jewelry to dress up your wedding gown. Use burlap for your ring pillow. Make paper flowers for the bouquet, corsage and boutonnieres for the wedding party.

Got an eye for design? Create your own save-the-date cards, invitations, escort cards, menu, and centerpieces. But don’t force it if you’re pressed for time. Go online and purchase these wedding supplies!

TIP: While hacking the DIY scene is cost effective, you might want to hire a professional photographer for your wedding instead of your brother-in-law’s friend who “dabbles” in photography. You’d want awesome pictures of this rare moment and while candid shots are great for reminiscing, a professional set is something you’d want later own.

4. Unexpected venues for weddings

Choose a non-traditional venue, where you can hold both your ceremony and reception. You can also look for more affordable facilities, such as, public parks, civic gardens or art galleries. Guests will not have to worry about transportation from the wedding ceremony to your reception. It will also cut the travel time for your vendors and suppliers that you pay per hour.

5. Winter wedding decorations? Keep it down!

Add a personal touch to your special day by making the decorations for the venue yourself. You don’t need a lot of decorations though, since most venues would be dressed to the nines during the holidays! Opt for a handcrafted centerpiece for each table at the reception.

Use large glass bowls or mason jars for the centerpiece. Fill them with colored stones, pine cones, flowers, and small tree branches. You can also fill the bowls with water and add floating tea for an ambient lighting. You can also use pretty glass-etched votive candle holders. Arrange threaded crystals around the centerpieces to complete the look. The flickering lights and candles create a magical atmosphere.
Was there anything we missed in the list? Share with us, we’d love to hear from you! carries a complete line of winter wedding accessories from couple cake toppers, wedding ceremony and reception accessories, to wedding favors!

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