Winter Wedding Problems Every Winter Bride Battles

Winter wedding problems happen even to the most prepared bride, that’s why if your heart is set on a wedding in the winter months, it’s imperative for you to know the cons of setting your wedding date anywhere from December to March.

Winter wedding problems

Winter Wedding Woes: Snowed In Bride!

In our previous post, we’ve highlighted the major reasons why you should completely have a winter themed wedding, and we’ve focused on the pros of a wedding day in the cold months. We’d like to add that there’s the other side of the coin to consider for winter brides, a low down on winter so to speak, to help you address issues, and come up with a plan B if you’d want your wedding day to push through.

Your number one consideration is the weather during the winter months.

Depending where you are geographically, winter weddings can get bitterly cold, snowy, foggy, rainy, or bright and sunny. If you live in the East coast, the chances of a blizzard instead of soft, pretty flurries happening on your wedding day are high. This alone can cause a cancellation of your wedding ceremony, not to mention a host of other problems for you such as photographers not showing up, vendors unable to deliver, cancelled flights, guests getting snowed in, icy roads, power blackouts and even natural disasters on the extreme end of the spectrum.

Here’s  a tip when it comes to winter wedding problems:

Don’t watch your carefully budgeted wedding day dissolve into nothingness. Protect your wedding day with a wedding insurance. Yes, there is such a thing to cover you, and wedding day expenses you’ve incurred in the event an unforeseen circumstance detrimental to your wedding day pops up, and which is beyond your control.

Know that wedding insurance coverage range from the basics, such as the wedding venue availability (What if the venue you booked burned down in a fire?), vendor fail, and extends to other wedding related items like losing your wedding dress, an injury to the couple, and so on.

Winter Wedding venue availability is questionable.

There is little to zero competition when it comes to booking choice winter wedding venues, which is why many couples who desire to have their wedding at a much coveted venue usually has no problems. False. While this is true for the months of January onwards, the same can’t be said during December when the holidays are at its peak.

With people celebrating Christmas parties, anniversaries, and reunions, not to mention all the corporate social events booked way ahead in advance, it literally becomes a competition to see who books venues the fastest, and you still have to deal with the fact that you need to strictly adhere to the timeframe given venue because another party will be hosted after yours.

Fake flowers in winter, can you deal with it?

If you do a bit of comparison shopping for blooms, here’s the good news: Most flowers are priced the same year-round. The bad news? Fresh flowers are expensive. Also, many summer blooms would be unavailable in winter. Looking for perennials that go well with your wedding theme takes more work and money than it should.

In this scenario, you might have to settle for synthetic blooms. And while they’re not natural, they also look gorgeous, plus with fake flowers, you have control over when or where or who creates your centerpieces. This allows you to craft or arrange your floral winter wedding decorations ahead of time.

Not everyone will say yes to your winter wedding invitation.

Icy roads, extreme drops in temperature, cancelled flights, and anything and everything can go wrong during the cold winter months with its unpredictable weather. Be prepared for people to turn down your wedding invitation. It’s really not about you, but more on the personal concerns and particular schedules of your guests.

Families with young children, the elderly, out of town guests, and those with handicaps are less likely to show up when the weather turns ominous. Winter hazards are not to be taken lightly and at this point, you do need to let guests know ahead of time that they are in no way obliged to come if the situation is hazardous.

Say goodbye to an outdoor winter wedding ceremony

The light is different in winter than in any other season and getting wed under the winter sky translates to more studding wedding photos! Is it possible at all to have an outdoor wedding? Or should you settle for an indoor ceremony and reception instead? The top reasons why pulling off an outdoor winter wedding ceremony seems impossible are: It’s simply too cold outside and you don’t want to risk exposing your guests, and yourself to the elements no matter how warmly you dress. Another thing to consider is that night falls fast in winter time, which means weddings held in the late afternoon run the risk of not having enough daylight to pull off outdoor wedding photos.

If all these probable setbacks are too much for you to deal with, and nobody wants her wedding cancelled, have you consider having a winter wedding in warmer climates? That’s right, you can still have your wedding in the winter months in another country, Southern California, or anywhere where the sun shines bright! Learn more about destination weddings and how affordable they really are. loves the idea of winter themed weddings and carries a line of fine, winter wedding ceremony accessories, couple cake toppers for winter weddings, and more for the winter bride!

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