Learn What Makes Custom Wedding Cake Toppers Expensive

Offered a choice between  cookie cutter wedding cake toppers and  custom wedding cake toppers offered at the same price, brides know the latter brings more bang for your buck, mainly because there’s none in the world like it. Remove the price equalizer and the game changes. Your choice now hinges on your budget and priorities. Should you get that bland looking bride clutching her groom’s arm topper, or purchase a topper that shows off your style?

Cost is a big reason why many brides balk at the thought of having a custom made topper. Would you really drop $200 for a tiny porcelain figurine you’ll use once in a lifetime? After all, money is money and for the same amount, you can get 50 pieces of good quality wedding favors already.

Let’s find out what makes these bride and groom cake toppers for weddings pricier than their mass manufactured counterparts.

What are customized wedding cake toppers?

Customize Wedding cake topper


As opposed to mass manufactured wedding cake toppers, custom wedding cake toppers are crafted professionally for your wedding cake. It’s completely unique and everything about it, from the materials used, the pose you love, your skin tone, and the embellishments on the figurine itself. No two are alike, and these are often hand made, and may take a week or more from concept to finished product.

Why do so many couples pay through the nose for a hand-made wedding cake topper?

You have full control in getting the cake topper for your wedding, nothing less. From the materials, style, colors, and embellishments, you call the shots.


Cake topper materials range from metal, clay, ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, plastic, paper, glass or edible materials such as fondant. There’s no rule that says it has to be all glass or all ceramic, a skilled artist combines two or more elements to come up with your desired figurine or monogram wedding cake topper. Some materials are more expensive than others.

Style, Design & Theme

Custom wedding cake toppers

Custom Bobblehead Bride and Groom Cake Topper from

The style and design of your bride and groom cake topper depends on you, but most of the time, brides find artists with specific product styles that they like. Bobblehead bride and groom cake toppers and 3D printed cake toppers are the rage right now and are a bit pricey compared with many other customized toppers. If you are that bride who has that flying ballerina princess wielding a battle axe to rescue her prince from a horde of zombies idea for a cake topper, customization makes it possible.

A plus for personalized toppers is that it pulls together your wedding theme such as a Victorian inspired garden wedding, steampunk, geeky, country, and anything in between.

Pose/Position and all the Little Details!

Aside from the usual arm in arm pose, you can have your topper in any pose you’d want. Sitting, doing the Toe Stand yoga pose, and other quirky poses that declare to everyone, “Hey, this is soo Us!” It’s a breeze to add little quirky details about you on the cake topper such as your beautiful tattoos that no one else has!

tattooed cake toppers

Tattoed Cake Toppers


Clothing & Embellishments

Just like with going for a theme/style that’s you, a customized figurine can be dressed up in the same fabric as your wedding dress and adorned with similar accessories. This works well for brides from different cultures and who wear their traditional wedding dresses instead of a white wedding dress.

German groom and korean bride wearing traditional hanbok

German Groom and Korean bride wearing the traditional Korean Hanbok

Color Scheme

You get the right skin tone that matches your complexion, because there are a hundred shades of “Nude.” Color schemes that matches well with your theme are a visual delight, and you may not get that cohesion with an ordinary cake topper.

As an added note, many same sex couples find it hard to get cake toppers that are bride and bride or groom and groom since wedding cake toppers are often sold as a bride and groom pair. Customizing a bride and bride topper makes more sense than buying two pairs of cake toppers and discarding the bride or groom figures.

So Why Are Custom-Made Wedding Cake Toppers Expensive Again?

They’re expensive because you’re paying for the following:

1. Time

Customizing a cake topper is no joke, especially if the design is complicated. It goes beyond just painting colors on a figurine. For toppers that are mini versions of you, the process can take a few weeks and you’ll be required some shots of yourself and your groom at various angles, or an actual go-see with the artist.

2. Talent & Skill aka Labor

There are hacks and there are true artisans, and you can tell straightaway those who are in it just for the money. A true craftsman will not rush you or himself only to deliver a substandard product. You’re paying for experience and excellence. Ask for previous work done, and customer feedback before you commit.

3. Materials.

Material costs depends on your choice. Polyresin figurines are sturdy yet don’t cost as much as a Swarovski crystal studded monogram cake topper.

4. Brand/Name

Just as you pay hundreds of dollars for a Vera Wang original, you also pay for the brand of your cake topper crafter. You pay for all of the above mentioned, plus his overhead costs, life experience, and vision.


Should you blow a wad of cash towards a custom couple cake topper?

If you have deep pockets and spending a ton makes you happy, why not? Then again, many couples would rather forego this little luxury if the cost is too much, and will settle for a cute but impersonal topper, which is rather a sad thing.

Your Options When It Comes To Ordering A Cheap Custom Wedding Cake Topper.

The good news is, there are online vendors that offer customization for couple cake toppers without leaving you reeling from the cost. Etsy offers many handcrafted cake toppers from crafty sellers but it usually takes time to place and process your order. also has sellers offering cake topper customization at low costs and a short processing time. Customized Wedding Cake Topper Customized Wedding Cake Topper

The nice thing about buying custom cake toppers from an eBay store is that you can see the seller’s feedback and ratings. This gives you a good picture of his capacity to deliver satisfaction in terms of timeliness, quality of work, shipping and handling, and the overall customer satisfaction of previous clients.

In the hands of a skilled craftsman, a personalized cake topper becomes so much more than a figure on top of your cake. For many brides, this speaks so much of her efforts in making her wedding day an unforgettable event. The topper becomes a symbol that reflects her love, and holds all her wishes and dreams of a shared future with her groom.

If made well, a personalized wedding cake topper can become a wedding keepsake, and later on a family heirloom. offers a customizable wedding cake toppers that won’t bust your budget. Like our Facebook page and see actual pictures of customized cake toppers we’ve lovingly personalized for hundreds of lovely couples around the world.

Photo credits:
StarfishCollectibles on Etsy

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