7 Gorgeous Reasons to Fall in Love With Spring Weddings!

With its metaphorical take on renewal and regrowth, more couples prefer spring weddings over other seasons to get married in. Caught between freezing winters and hot summers, Spring’s temperate nature trumps all of the seasons when it comes to weddings. What’s not to love about spring? Bees are buzzing, birds are chirping, plants are budding, and the crisp, fresh smells of the outdoors can’t be beat! For couples, a springtime wedding gets them on the right footing when they start a new life as husband and wife.

Here’s seven more wonderful reasons to fall in love with spring weddings!

1. The exquisite explosion of colorful blooms! Spring weddings

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The Earth is literally carpeted in vividly hued blooms you won’t see in any other season. This means fresh flowers are yours for the taking, from your bridal bouquet, wedding ceremony and wedding reception décor, down to the wreathe on your flower girl’s hair, and your groom’s boutonniere!

2. Pastel-colored bridesmaid dresses for spring themed weddings!

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Pastel hued bridesmaids dresses
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Bring to life those gorgeously dreamy pastel colors that were forever dancing in your head, from the baby pink hues, to just the right hint of pistachio or barely-there-blush! Your bridesmaids will undoubtedly pull off a softer color effect with panache, but only in spring. These very same colors for bridesmaids dresses won’t do as well in winter, when it all it does is make everyone look washed out.

3. Take it outdoors!

Have your wedding guests enjoy your wedding with a ceremony or reception or both surrounded by blue skies, and stunning views capped with lush greenery, instead of being stuck in a stuffy indoor venue. Spring lifts moods instantly and creates a more relaxed atmosphere, just right for families getting to know each other!

4. Indulge guests with a seasonal spring wedding reception menu.

Along with the profusion of flowers, spring brings forth a feast for the senses with its bountiful produce! You get only the freshest ingredients for your wedding day menu, which is a real treat for your wedding guests at your spring wedding reception!

5. Unlimited options when it comes to dresses for spring weddings!

Spring weddings dress

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With spring’s ideal not too hot and not too cold temperatures, you’ll be able to wear any style of wedding dress you want, from tea length wedding dresses to sweeping floor length ones, wedding dresses with off the shoulder necklines,  wedding dresses with statement backs, avante garde wedding dresses, or traditional wedding dresses, each cut and style works well for spring! And for weddings held late in the afternoon, a matching lace cape as temperature goes down is an elegant add-on to your wedding ensemble!

6. Spring weddings call for Rustic, Country, and Victorian themes – a veritable gold mine of practical ideas!

There’s never been a more perfect time to execute a garden-themed wedding, or celebrate a simple yet sweet rustic themed one than in spring. You also save a bunch when it comes to wedding ceremony/reception decorations when so much beauty is teeming all around, the trick is in finding the right wedding venue which you can read here!

7. Decorate a plain cake with your favorite flowers for a lush, spring themed wedding cake! Wedding Cake for spring weddings

White Wedding Cake decorated with fresh blooms!
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Simple yet eye-catching, the plain wedding cake becomes an exquisite canvas with which to showcase springs bright colors by using fresh flowers as cake decoration. has everything you need for your spring wedding. Get everything in one place, without worrying too much on wedding accessories’ cost. Visit us now!

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