5 Wedding Ceremony Venues in Asia for Adventurous Couples

We’ve put together 5 wedding ceremony venues in Asia for you, adventurous brides and grooms! This is for you who believe in taking the road less traveled. You for whom the unknown beckons. These exotic locations possess just the right combination of magic and mystery, the perfect way to start a new and exciting life together. Enjoy!

A wedding ceremony venue on an island? El Nido, Palawan, Philippines is the place to go!


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It’s a little known fact in the Western world that the Philippines, a group of 7,600 islands in South East Asia is called The Pearl of the Orient, and for good reason. Off the beaten touristy track, The Philippines boasts of the friendliest people on Earth, miles and miles of unspoiled beaches, and diverse flora and fauna not found anywhere else. If being surrounded by crystal clear bodies of water, towering ancient lime stone cliffs, secret lagoons, mysterious caves, underground rivers, and having an island all to yourselves is your thing, take a look at El Nido with its world class resorts for an awesome wedding ceremony and reception experience, to whet your appetite.

See below for what a wedding in this tropical paradise looks like.

A Tasteful Tale in the Tropics

After the wedding ceremony, you might be tempted to stay a while and enjoy the laid back island life, or go on an adventure with choice Palawan activities.

A zen wedding venue at The Ribbon Chapel, Japan

A wedding ceremony in the land of anime, cherry blossoms, and precision timing? The Land of the Rising Sun fascinates the rest of the world with its cutting edge technological development, while still managing to retain its cultural roots. Japanese architectural aesthetics visibly reflect Japan’s traditions rooted around two religions, Buddhism and Shintoism.  You’ll find structures that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience at hand.

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The Ribbon Chapel in Japan by Hiroshi Nakamura is designed to embody what marriage is all about. it is a metaphor with its two separate staircases that are joined at the top. According to the architect, the concept behind this wedding ceremony venue is to create the pathway of experience for the bride and groom. Getting married at this visually elegant and thoughtfully designed venue would be a dream come true for couples looking for a zen experience of a solemn and symbolic wedding ceremony.

While in Japan, why not try to complete this comprehensive To Do list,  or add it to your own itinerary!


Aureum Palace Hotel Bagan, Myanmar

With recent developments in reforms and availability of flights, getting to Bagan is no longer the challenge it used to be, but just the same, couples swear that the destination is very much worth the effort of getting there.


Overlooking ancient monuments, the Aureum Palace Hotel wedding venue sits smack in the middle of Bagan Archaeological Preservation Zone and offers a sweeping view of lush gardens, payas and pagodas, and temples. Bear witness to hot air balloons rising to the skies, and experience the hush that settles at dusk as candles are lit – a striking backdrop for an intimate wedding. For more wedding in Bagan inspiration, check this destination wedding in Bagan story.


Heritance Tea Factory, old world charm reigns in this intimate wedding venue in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Here’s an interesting twist to vineyard weddings, a wedding venue flanked by a sea of tea plants instead of grapevines!

Offering an old world charm with its interior of restored old growth timbers, the Heritance Tea Factory built in the 1930s,  is now equipped with modern day amenities.  Get ready to be wowed with its exterior which at dusk, mimics an illuminated paper lantern. Surrounded by manicured lawns, this outdoor wedding ceremony venue is perfect for celebrating an intimate destination wedding ceremony with only your dearest friends and family. Don’t forget to visit nearby parks, botanical gardens, and more while you’re there.

Wedding venues in Asia – Bodrum, Turkey for that perfect boutique wedding venue with its many boutique wedding hotels


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Ever entertained the thought of sharing an iced raki on a bougainvillea sheltered terrace overlooking the Aegean coast with your significant other? With its captivating charm, Bodrum also called the Land of Eternal Blue for its gorgeous turquoise waters and brilliant blue skies, is a choice wedding venue for an intimate destination wedding and provides a total immersion in culture and history.

Unspoiled waters, crumbling castles, a structure in tribute to an ancient goddess, the Land of Eternal Blue beckons! And what a fitting wedding destination Bodrum is, because it is also Antony &Cleopatra’s favorite pit stop. Wedding venues in Asia won’t be complete without this ancient peninsula. What to do in Bodrum? This 89 point list prepared by Lonely Planet gaurantees you’ll never ran out of exciting experiences while in Bodrum. believes that one of the best ways to get to know a person is to travel with them, and because of that, we ship wedding ceremony accessories and wedding reception accessories worldwide, so you’ll never go without in pulling off a grand, once in a lifetime ceremony with your beloved.


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