Steer Clear of These Wedding Organizing Mistakes

You’ve set the date for your wedding, drawn up the guest list, sent out the word to family and friends, and now you’re neck deep in color swatches, vendors, wedding accessories, and caught in the unending cycle of wedding organizing. As the big day draws near, you find yourself gasping for air, wishing time to stand still, because truth be told, you’ve fallen victim to these wedding organizing mistakes and wishing someone would snap you back to reality and prevent probable wedding day disasters from ever happening.



Unexpected Wedding Organizing Mistakes come in the guise of good news. Your wedding day is two days away and your wedding dress is too loose!

Sounds awesome, right? Your pre-wedding diet worked, and you’ve never been slimmer than now but what to do with your wedding dress that’s too loose? If you’ve lost more weight after your final fitting, expect to repeatedly yank your wedding dress up (especially if it’s a strapless) even with proper undergarment support, or even industrial pins to tuck the excess material in.

There’s a reason why seamstresses tell you not to lose any more weight after the final fitting. It’s to ensure that you’d look fantastic in your wedding dress, and that it fits you perfectly because tugging and pulling at your dress has no business in your wedding pictures, and wardrobe malfunctions should not be part of your wedding day, ever.

Try to maintain your weight after your final wedding dress fittings and while at it, make sure the dress isn’t too tight on you.

Your estimated expense is through the roof. Wedding organizing mistakes come in tiny packages.

wedding organizing mistakes-you've blown your budget

You’ve finally sat down and did the math again, and to your shock, the small add-ons at every wedding prep piled on top of each other creating a mounting evidence that your wedding expenses is going out of hand, and there is no way to recoup that kind of money.

It’s very, very easy to add one little thing more to your wedding prep, oh you like indie music? Why not get a live band? And while you’re at it, having Uncle Joe as host sounds like a bad idea, why not get a pro? Wedding expenses snowball but the great news is, there’s a way to halt that before it becomes an avalanche when you keep in mind these Five Low-Budget Wedding Ideas, Tips, and Tricks.


Too Much Do-It-Yourself wedding organizing going on. Wedding organizing mistakes happen even if you’re Wonder Woman.

wedding organizing mistake-thinking you're a super

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You’ve read plenty of articles on how easy it is to customize your wedding day, and you’ve pinned thousands of easy, simple DIY wedding decors, wedding favors, and wedding reception themes to convince yourself you can absolutely nail this wedding planning down on your own. While this route will save you a lot of money, you must take into consideration that wedding DIY involves a lot of time from you.

This is a great idea and works if you organize a small, intimate wedding, have a big lead time before your wedding day, and you have an army of willing crafters working beside you. That’s because when you DIY, you’re intentionally heaping more obligations on your plate that’s already spilling over with to do’s and unless you can clone yourself, there’ll come a point you’ll feel overwhelmed by it all, and regret not engaging the assistance of a wedding planner, or simply buying wedding accessories instead of unleashing your inner DIY goddess.

For small, intimate weddings read more here.


Giving mom a huge heaping of wedding planning responsibilities. 

wedding organizing mistake-heaping tasks on mom

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Now that you’ve immersed yourself in the unending, unforgiving DIY pit, you need someone to pick up the slack (although heaven forbid if anyone thinks you’re ever slacking from your wedding organizing preparations as a DIY bride!) Who’s the person to follow up on the florist, the photographers, the bookings and hotel reservations? Of course there’s always mom to the rescue, but would you really overburden mom with details you’d be better off taking care of yourself or a planner?

While delegation is a must do, because no bride ever made it alone when it come organizing her own wedding, it’d be much better to run up a list of tasks you’re confident to delegate with other people such as your maid of honor, your sisters, or your best friends. Don’t forget to check in and track everyone’s progress. Wedding planning apps help in this case.


Deplorable wedding organizing mistakes include: Booting your fiancé completely off the wedding planning experience.


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Which is obviously, totally wrong. Men want to be included in the planning process, and while they may hem and haw over ecru or off white, lace edged or cut edge, it makes no sense at all to cut your fiancé off. You may love everything about your wedding day but years later all he’ll remember was standing in that awful pink stage suffocating on frilly pink crepe paper and trying to figure out what he’s supposed to do, while doing his best not to embarrass you and your family. Let your man have his say, ask for his input, give him responsibilities, because this wedding is not just about you!

There’s no black and white approach to wedding planning because weddings are never cut and dried events but when your gut tells you something’s off, trust your instincts. If you’re unhappy with how your plans for your wedding is progressing, or you’re turning into that dreaded Bridezilla, it’s time to step back and ask yourself if you’re committing some wedding organizing mistakes. believes in second chances. When the going gets tough, it’s ok to hit pause and re-evaluate where you stand in your wedding organizing, and decide on a better course. Feeling overwhelmed? Order wedding accessories online!




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