Basic Pre Wedding Diet Tips For Busy Brides


couplesoncakes diet tips for a fit bride

“There’s no substitute for hard work.

You’ve heard this a hundred thousand times, right? And you’re sick of the phrase. Why can’t you drink a margarita and drop that last 10 pounds in a snap? The promise of instant weight loss from fad diets are tempting for brides. Before and after photos that were taken in a matter of days promise a miracle! Fad wedding weight loss products vow to instantly slim you down but there’s a certain amount of risk associated with them. This is true  if they’re unregulated, or contain substances that are not approved by the FDA.

So how do you, a bride-to-be, get in shape, drop unwanted pounds, fit into your wedding dress, and walk down the aisle in all your gorgeous splendor, without resorting to extreme dieting? FYI it will be one of those rare moments in your life where you are the center of attention. All  the camera lenses will be trained on you 99% of the time. The need to be at your best on your big day is very real.

Tempted to go on a crash diet now? First, read this.

Pre-Wedding Diet Tips That Actually Work!

1. Sit down with a registered dietitian for a wedding day diet food choices you can depend on even after your wedding.

Your wedding signals a new chapter in your life. It’s filled with hope and promise. If you think about it, it’s an excellent way to form new habits, discard old vices, and be the best you’ve ever been. So why not start with getting healthy, instead of getting thin? One way to do this is consulting a dietitian. A dietitian will help you set health goals and achieve them through identifying nutritious foods. She’ll coach you on food portions, caloric content, and making wise food decisions when you’re out and about.

If a dietitian is beyond your means right now, you can easily design your own meal plans and eat sensibly based on the Food Guide Pyramid provided by The USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. 

couplesoncakes wedding diet tip food pyramid

A healthy pre-wedding diet plan involves eating balanced meals at specific times.  This lets you avoid skipping meals. In turn, this prevents your sugar levels from taking a nose dive, which makes you prone to unhealthy eating. You can easily download healthy weekly menus online for your meal plan, and shop for items weekly if you find yourself too busy.

A useful (and money saving) tip: Bring bagged lunches to work so you don’t get tempted with restaurant menus.

A side note: Take your fiancé along with you when you consult with a dietitian. Both of your eating habits will eventually influence each other. If your fiancé is the type who loves to eat and you’re a picky eater, it might be hard to adjust with each other’s eating style. When you propose this idea to your man, expect some resistance but do say that goals are achieved faster and easier when you hold yourself accountable to each other, and to hold the thought of you both in the pink of health as you tie the knot.

2.  Get fit by getting active before your wedding date is an easily achievable wedding diet tip.

How do you even, in this situation, start a new exercise regimen on top of all that wedding organizing going on?

If the picture of you lifting weights at the gym while staring daggers at your fitness instructor because of a boring workout, consider taking up a new skill. Crazy idea, yes? You have to organize a wedding and we suggest learning a new skill!

Remember when you were in high school and you wanted to take up belly dancing but your Mom thought it was too risqué? Or the time you wanted to learn fencing because Syrio Forell teaching young Arya how to handle Needle got your imagination in a tailspin? Well, there is no time like now to do these things.

One key benefit: Surprise your husband on your wedding night with a sexy number you’ve choreographed just for him! So get fit and take more inspiration from this couple on their wedding day.


More pre wedding diet tips: Hit the gym, get walking, get into sports, get down on the dance floor, shake and shimmy your way through your apartment daily, do what makes you happy! An added bonus to all these activities? The endorphin rush from all the physical ashenanigans hels alleviate the stress of wedding organizing by providing you an outlet, while doing your body a world of good.

3. Practice mindfulness to halt any pre-wedding organizing meltdown in its track.

Low calorie wedding diets wreak havoc on your metabolism by letting your body think it’s on starvation mode, which makes it hoard fat, and is completely counter-intuitive to your health goals. By being mindful of your body, you can easily avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy eating and replace old habits with new ones.

Try to be mindful of the following things:

Hunger versus thirst, eating or drinking? Crucial to the success of pre wedding diet tips is knowing what your body needs.

Too often people confuse thirst for hunger and reach for food instead of hydrating. Remember that your body is 70% liquid and staying hydrated keeps you in top form. Try to meet the required daily recommended amount which is more or less 8 glasses a day.

Portion control
Your eyes can play tricks on your brain, especially if you’re eating out with friends. Restaurants are notorious for serving big portions. Try to split an order with a friend. To lose weight, you actually need less of what you think you have to eat. At home, use a lunch plate instead of a dinner plate. Studies show same amount of food on both plates appears smaller on the dinner plate, which can tempt you to eat another portion.

“Overall, larger plates and other food containers encourage people to serve and eat more food (Wansink, 2006) and different types of foods Sharp and Sobal, 2012

Using Plate Mapping to Examine Portion Size and Plate Composition for Large and Small Divided Plates

Keep your mind at peace.

Just like getting your body in shape, so y should you keep your mind at peace throughout wedding organizing. One way to do this is to learn a few eastern techniques. Take time to soothe your senses through Yoga, Tai Chi, or a simple 10 minute meditation in a quiet room, or a serene environment.

By being mindful and being in the moment, you learn to listen to your body and give it what it needs.

4. Nobody is built like a Victoria’s Secret model, not even Victoria’s Secret models.


That said, brides come in all shape and sizes, and we should all be forgiving of what we’re born with. The point of this whole exercise was to show you how beautiful you are in your skin, and you should proudly walk down the aisle on your wedding day, with a healthier version of you. believes in creating a healthier version of yourself through safe practices. That’s why we pride ourselves in providing only the very best wedding accessories from the safest materials to fit your budget. Visit us now!

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