Naked Wedding Cakes is Love!

There’s no middle ground when it comes to the naked wedding cakes trend. Brides either love it, or hate it. Those who love a ‘finished’ cake think naked cakes are too exposed, and not in a good way. It does not look ‘upscale’ and it looks dry. On the other hand, there’ brides who think a naked cake is the perfect palette for their ideas. They can’t wait to explore seasonal colors, flavors, and fillings for their naked cake! These brides believe a good cake stands well on its own, without all the pomp and grandeur courtesy of fondant.

naked wedding cake with floral cake toppers

Naked Wedding Cake-Almond cake with yummy flavored buttercream!

If you’re considering having a naked wedding cake for your wedding reception, this article gives you a peek into what this trend is all about.

The Naked Wedding Cake Trend

The wedding cake trend has been on the upswing recently.  Spring-summer weddings, fall weddings, and even winter weddings all benefit from this confection. If you think naked cakes is an all new trend, think again!  For years, couples who aim for a rustic themed wedding, a garden themed wedding, an outdoor wedding, or a small wedding often opted for a naked cakes! This choice often adds a decidedly understated sweetness to their wedding theme. We think this already gives you an idea that just like its more traditional frosted counterpart, naked cakes are also in demand for many discerning brides!

The question is, would you go for a naked wedding cake for your wedding? Before you say yay or nay, take a look at these 10 gorgeous unfrosted wedding cakes as seen in

Should you choose to have a naked wedding cake on your wedding day, you’ll want to know the ins and outs of serving this type of cake to your wedding guests.

Aside from the obvious presentation of naked wedding cakes, here are several points to consider if it’s right for you, your wedding theme, and your guests.

Naked Wedding Cake Prices

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to naked cakes for weddings is “would it come down cheaper than frosted wedding cakes?”

Since there’s no frosting or fondant to cover it, it would technically be cheaper, right? For many cake bakers and pastry chefs, this simply isn’t true. Many bakers cited that for each and every wedding cake order they’ve accepted, they’ve put 100% of their time, effort, skills and creativity on top of the ingredients and decorations involved.

Prices for naked wedding cakes also depend on the size of your cake, the type of filling you’ve specified, and if there are any extras you’ve required in the making of your wedding cake.

To learn more about how your baker will determine prices for your cake, check out the discussion on these links from and cakebakers.

If you’re a whiz at baking and are having a small, intimate wedding with only your closest family and friends in attendance, you might want to check out these scrumptious home-made naked wedding cake recipes for inspiration:


naked cake missing a cake topper from couplesoncakes

Naked cake by the goodyblogger! Recipe in the link below.

The goodyblogger on WordPress has one of the most luscious naked wedding cake recipes online and is  agreat resource as well.

Yum! Seriously craving for a slice of that cake!

Decorating a Naked Wedding Cake

If not fondant or frosting, what then should go on your wedding cake?

As you’ve seen in the examples, wedding cakes devoid of frosting still look gorgeous! It all depends on the presentation. Seasonal blooms, greenery, fresh fruits in season, colourful berries are some of the more obvious choices. But you can always, always go with your personal faves!

When it comes to cakes that do away with buttercream or fondant to give it pizzazz, less is definitely more. You can opt with having yummy fruit compote, seasonal preserves, or your favorite buttercream sandwiched between layers of luscious vanilla, chocolate, or coffee flavoured cake. And for a total break in tradition, make your cake a carrot cake, or a red velvet one, or why not in pink champagne?

Check out this three tiered naked wedding cake layers of vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet from sweatpeadesignercakes.

three tiered naked wedding cakes in vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet
I’d totally have this gorgeous naked cake and throw in a “LOVE” cake topper on it. What do you think? See the lovely cake topper below.

the perfect cake pick for naked wedding cakes: Laser engraved wooden Love cake topper from

Laser engraved Love cake topper from

Check out this four layers of naked vanilla wedding cake. Proof that vanilla is NOT bland at all!

vanilla naked wedding cakes with laser engraved cake topper

Four Tiers of Vanilla. Scrumptious!

Loving the elegant Mr & Mrs wedding cake topper in gold script. I’d want mine blinged out. What do you think?
This  naked wedding cake from Sweet N Flour is everything!

naked wedding cakes layers decked out in blooms

Ok that’s enough proof that no-icing cakes are truly awesome showstoppers! Get this, only your taste and preferences sets the limit, so go have one for your wedding!


 Final Note: When decorating a naked cake for your wedding, take note that some fruit’s juice seep into the cake much more easily than if it were frosted.
Tip: When decorating with fresh flowers, wrap the stems in foil, dip them in chocolate, to seal the stems.


Still in doubt? Naked wedding cakes are easier to make and just as beautiful as their dressed cousins. By doing away with layers of frosting, the cake and its flavors becomes the focal point of your dessert table. thinks a cake topper completes the look of wedding cakes, be they naked or frosted. We’d love to help you choose the right one for yours. Shop wedding cake toppers with us today!











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