After The Wedding Day Duties and Tasks for the Newlyweds Part I

This new year, seek to be more organized especially with your wedding day duties and tasks. We’re talking about the many little things that may escape your eagle-eyes, but are oh so crucial in pulling off a successful wedding. We show you how!


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Wedding day Duties Right After The Wedding Reception

Your wedding planning and organizing should not end on your wedding day itself.  Even if it IS the culmination of weeks and months of exciting yet stressful preparation. Post wedding day duties and tasks await you right when you want to collapse. Yes, we’re talking about that point after the last guest leaves!  Maybe all you’d want to do is kick your wedding shoes off and savor the wonderful newness of being newlyweds, or scarf down a huge slice of cake, and you can do all of that, but reality intrudes. All the minor details you need to take care of comes, and it’s a deluge of mini must-dos!

We share with you a practical list of post wedding day tasks divided into two parts: What you should prepare for after the wedding day itself (Part 1) and the duties and tasks of newlyweds after the honeymoon (Part 2).

What should you do after the wedding reception?

Right after the wedding reception, you’ll be faced with a monumental task of deciding what to do with leftover food, untouched food, centerpieces, wedding decorations, rented items, abandoned wedding favors, and of course, your wedding cake. Not to mention the wedding gifts your guests bought at the last minute,  your vendors waiting for you to settle your accounts with them. Plus, you have yet to eat. This is where your powers of delegation and foresight come in.

Wedding Day Duties, no holding back: Delegate post-wedding reception tasks to family or friends.

1. Don’t be shy in asking this favor. Assign a post wedding reception point person or persons to collect and return any rental items for your wedding party to avoid replacement fees for lost items.

Rental chairs to be returned as part of wedding day duties and tasks

Photo credit to: Miami Event Planner

It can be a sibling or a good friend, make sure to let them know beforehand and arm them with details like who the vendor is, if they’re going to pick up their items or you need to have them dropped off.

2. You also need someone to collect your wedding gifts and personal belongings for you if you intend to leave for your honeymoon right away.

A pile of wedding gifts to be carted home

Photo credit: sayingidoin

Don’t even think of grumbling about thoughtless guests at this point. Be grateful for their presence at your wedding, graciously accept their gift, bulky as it may, and have someone gather them all to drop off at your place or keep it for you until you return from your honeymoon.
3. Your mom or maid of honor can be counted on to make sure:

A. The top tier and cake topper on your wedding cake has been safely tucked away for freezing, the same can be said for preserving your wedding bouquet if you’d like it as a wedding keepsake.

B. Ensure that your toasting glasses, and other keepsakes such as your wedding guest book, or a family heirloom like a vintage wedding cake serving set of your great grandmother, is collected.
4. Prepare sealed envelopes containing tips for staff (DJs, parking assistant, bartenders etc.) that helped during your wedding.

Envelopes should be properly labeled, with the specific amount inside, and ask a family member to dispense them after your wedding reception.

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Wedding Day Duties: Avoiding wastage. What to do with leftover wedding cake, food and beverages, floral/decorative centerpieces, and wedding favors?

1. Near the end of your wedding reception, encourage guests to take home slices of wedding cake. You can ask your baker beforehand to prepare individual cake boxes specifically for this.

2. You might also want to donate any untouched and unspoiled food and beverage to a local homeless shelter near your wedding reception venue.
3. Encourage your guests to take home the centerpieces especially if you’ve spent a good sum on them. It’s one way of keeping the love flowing!

4. Give wedding favors guests would be sad to leave behind, such as edibles, succulents, or favors with practical uses. Or Create Custom Wedding Favors guests Won’t Toss Away.

Pay appropriate vendors in full.

Most vendors prefer you pay the balance due days before your actual wedding day for many reasons. One is that as your big day approaches or on the actual day of your wedding, you will be very busy, and they will be too.

Another reason is that if something goes wrong with the check you posted, there’s still time to rectify it. But what if it’s the vendor who flakes out on you? Here’s an excellent post about the benefits of charging vendor services on credit.


A CouplesOnCakes TIP: make sure you carry enough checks with you because having one check left and choosing between paying your DJ and your wedding photographer with one vendor ending up holding the short end of the stick should not happen.


Have food packed or ready for you and your partner to enjoy.

Now that you’ve taken care of the practicalities after your wedding ceremony and reception, it’s time to turn your attention to yourself and your partner. You might not have been hungry earlier as your wedding day unfolded but a pre-packed meal or a saved plate is essential once the euphoria has gone down a bit, and hunger and tiredness set in.


Take off, and pack away your wedding dress for cleaning right away.

Put away your wedding dress in a box after the wedding or send to the cleaners

Phot credits to: The Bridal Corner

While your pre-wedding planning might be focused on all the details right up to your wedding day, adding these tasks to your list makes you better prepared to handle the multiple responsibilities right after your wedding reception. loves keepsakes when it comes to weddings. Order a customized cake topper from us for a personalized keepsake you can display and show off during your wedding anniversaries!

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